$450Mn Funding on this Crypto Coin – To the Moon?

$450Mn Funding on this Crypto coin – To the Moon?

On this video, Shashank goes over a really well-known crypto coin and quite a lot of matters round it – if it has the potential to 30x your investments, is it an excellent time to take a position, what issues it solves and rather more.

0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – Coin Introduction & Overview
6:17 – Makes use of and Options
7:26 – Why are VCs funding this venture?
9:07 – Brief-term or Lengthy-term funding?
14:40 – Conclusion

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Disclaimer: We encourage all traders to make use of the data on the channel as a useful resource solely and may additional do their very own analysis on all featured corporations, shares, sectors, markets and knowledge offered on the channel. Nothing revealed on this video ought to be thought of as funding recommendation.

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  1. Can somebody please explain, what does it happen when a staked crypto coin market goes down by like say 30%, how much do i get in return (for eg: i have purchased 1 sol for 6$ and staked and at the end of my staking day sol market coin is down by 30%). Thank you in advance

  2. Indirect centralised system is what polygon is- there are technologies working on improved proof of work systems. Polygon is just playing around etherium word and driving the value
    If you ever see the apps deployed on polygon is only filled with games and nft marketplace

  3. Why does nobody talk about the fact that top 100 holders of the token control 90% of the supply? Investing in any token where supply is so concentrated can be disastrous for investors. Good product doesn't always mean good investment opportunity. I would rather wait and let it mature than risk my money at this stage. Just my humble opinion.

  4. Everyone should invest in Layer 1 crypto around 70% like–
    Eth, Sol, Egld ,sol, avax, near,ftm matic(side chain)
    Bcz they recover so fast.
    Even you are looking for 4-6 years you invest here and sleep bcz ultimately one-two of them will dominate the market like Eth.

  5. Bhai jaa hi nai rha. 1 Saal se pakad ke baithe he . It was suppose to be my Vacation Money. xD Abhi Vacation ke liye Loan lena pd rha he

  6. Hi Shashank.Appreciate the work you put in for bringing investments models and portfolios. Apart from all reasons for Matic to go up, another one could be if they start burning the tokens as well.

  7. Hey Shashank, your videos are really amazing and knowledgable. Subscribed you after following for 1.5 months and learning a lot. Appreciate your efforts towards community 🙂

  8. Inorder the avoid scam and confusion. Ethereum has already changed the name ETH 2.0 as (conseuses layer) and the ETH 1.0 as (Execution payer)
    Also the ETH 2.0 or conseuses layer update might take longer time may be next year. Until then layer 2 solution polygon (Matic) do well especially in the transaction gas fee. Compare to ETH gas fee is way too high.

  9. Hi Shashank, really love your videos. Just wanted to add that ETH2.0 is not a threat to Polygon. The ZK rollup technology that Polygon is gonna implement will settle the final transaction state to the Ethereum Network. In simpler terms, It does it by grouping multiple transaction together like a roll and then unrolling them on Ethereum. Hence the name rollup. People who want to transact million of dollars will use Ethereum Network and people transacting like 100$ or 1000$ will use Polygon Network.

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