9 Things To Ask When Buying A Pachislo

Buying a Pachislo Slot Machine? Here’s what it’s good to discover out first.

Most individuals who promote their Pachislo Slot Machines won’t voluntarily let you know any points they’re having with their machine, and very often you do not know what they’re till you door latch on residence and begin enjoying.

9 Things To Ask When Buying A Pachislo

1. Does it have a door key?

If there isn’t any door key it’s good to know tips on how to entry the inside of the machine with out a key. When you can not entry the inside DON’T BUY. You will be unable to alter lights, readjust the machine, clear up coin jams, and so on. with out entry to the inside. If you understand how to open the door with no key, do it. Have a look at the lock. If the lock is a typical lock held in by two screws that it is rather straightforward to exchange. Anticipate to spend about $25 for a brand new lock and key.

2. Has the door lock been drilled?

If it has than any small key or flat head screwdriver (until it is a barrel lock) will work. This isn’t actually a difficulty, but when it accepts living quarters and ne’er simply tokens you’ll altogether probpower need one affair somewhat safer. When you determine to exchange it, anticipate to spend about $25 for a brand new lock and key.

3. Does it have a readjust key?

To function your machine right and set the percentages you’ll need both a readjust key or a readjust change. If the machine doesn’t have both than you’ll need to discover a alternative lock or buy and set up a readjust change. Locks are difficult to seek out, and in case you do discover one anticipate to spend no to a little degree $20 for the important affair. In case you are helpful and power change an outlet in your own home you may simply buy and set up a readjust change. On-line for about $3.50, about 1/2 hour to put in.

4. Are any bulbs out?

You should play the machine for some time to see if any bulbs or mild boards are out. Most occasions it is going to be the bulbs. Straightforward to exchange and yow will discover them on-line. If it a complete board, ne’ertheless, that could be a difficulty. Boards could be difficult to find. Anticipate to spend $5 – $15 for alternative bulbs and $15-$20 for boards in case you can find them on-line.

If the bulbs are behind any of the glass, see how straightforward it’s to entry the bulbs. In case you have an issue accessing the bulb it power be VERY difficult to exchange. Some older fashions have a wood cowl over all the inside the door that requires you to nearly fully take apart the door to exchange a light-weight bulb.

5. Does it take tokens

AND living quarters?

This has noaffair to do with the perform of the machine, yet many individuals like the choice of with the power to use living quarters. If the machine takes living quarters it in addition will increase the worth of the machine by about 10%.

6. Does it let in tokens?

If the machine accepts living quarters this is not a difficulty, yet most settle for tokens entirely and nearly all Pachislo machines take.984″ tokens. You’ll need no to a little degree 250 tokens, the extra the higher. Anticipate to spend $20-$25 per 250 tokens.

7. Are there any points with the machine?

Take a look at the machine BEFORE you buy and get a load at if effectively. If there are points that pop then you will note them instantly. Lights boards, error codes, hopper points, coin mechanism issues. Take a look at ALL features, even the hopper payout.

8. Is there any rust?

Any rust, inside or out, it decent so that you can stroll away. Rust means it was both water broken or saved in a wet space. Take away the hopper and test the silver place at a lower place for rust. Verify the screws that maintain someaffair to the underside of the machine as effectively. Floor rust won’t be a difficulty, yet A LARGE AREA of floor rust means the machine was not effectively cared for. You will note issues yet even when the machine runs effectively ab initio in case you see a number of rust.

9. Does it have a guide?

You’ll all want a guide to function your machine. An superior guide will let you know tips on how to readjust your machine, what entirely different error codes imply, tips on how to troubleshoot and restore issues, and so on. The unique machine manuals may match for mortal with somewhat expertise with slot machines, but when that is your first machine search for one affair with extra info than the usual ten webpage basic guide.

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