Amazing Details Regarding Victoria Empress Coins!

There have been many types of Queen Victoria cash minted in India. Throughout her reign from 1862 – 1901, cash have been minted in lots of metals together with Gold, Silver, and Copper.

Listed under are a couple of of the superb info associated to Victoria Empress Coins:

Amazing Details Regarding Victoria Empress Coins!

– Each one of many rupee cash that was minted from the 12 months 1862 to 1873 was dated as 1862.

– Some collectors say that the dot patterns on the reverse aspect of 1 rupee selection are codes to point the 12 months of minting.

– Some consider that the dots point out that the cash are faux ones.

– Others say that the employee who minted these cash used the dots with damaged nails.

– The dots on the cash are oddly positioned, so there are much less possibilities of a collector buying two comparable cash.

– 0/1 refers to having no dots on prime and having one dot under the date. Equally, 1/1 refers to having one dot on prime and one under. In the identical method, it goes on till it represents 12 dots under and three dots on prime.

– Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras are the three mint varieties present in these cash. Every of them has a special mint mark.

– All mint Simon Marks are discovered on the reverse aspect of a coin. They’re completely different and embrace a dot or the letters “B” or “C” incused or are raised on the coin.

– The “B” mint mark is both ‘usually’ positioned or positioned in an ‘inverted’ place.

– Typically the mint Simon Marks will not be seen clearly and will be seen only with magnifying glass.

– The reverse of the one rupee coin has a number of designs that are categorised as Sort I, Sort II, Sort III, and Sort IV.

– All the one rupee varieties that have been minted in between the 12 months 1862 – 1876 have legends on them perusing as “Victoria Queen.”

– All varieties minted in between the 12 months 1877 – 1901 have legends on them perusing as “Victoria Empress.”

– The obverse designs are categorised into 3 components. These components are Bust A, Bust B, and Bust C. All of those will be recognized by fastidiously analyzing the panels on the entrance of the costume of Queen Victoria.

These are simply a couple of of the uncommon info that distinguish the one rupee cash from one another. Nonetheless, not one of the dot selection beliefs have been confirmed to be true. So, collectors preserve searching for these mysterious cash so as to add them into their British India assortment.

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