Binance Margin vs Futures (Differences Between Margin Trading And Futures Trading On Binance)

Binance Margin vs Futures is the topic of this video and most important variations between margin buying and selling and futures buying and selling on Binance are defined in particulars. There are elementary variations between Binance margin and Binance futures platforms, and margin vs futures on Binance is all the time a query that freshmen encounter when they’re studying Binance futures buying and selling and Binance margin buying and selling. Within the different episodes of this collection, in Binance margin buying and selling tutorial and Binance futures buying and selling tutorial, each particulars associated to buying and selling on these platforms have been defined, however the query of Binance margin vs futures was remained unanswered which is roofed on this video so that you could accurately select between Binance margin buying and selling or Binance futures buying and selling based mostly in your buying and selling functions.


*Binance futures buying and selling tutorial (The final word information to buying and selling on Binance futures market):

*Binance margin buying and selling tutorial (Full newbie’s information to margin buying and selling on Binance):

*Binance buying and selling tutorial (Full newbie’s information on commerce on Binance spot market, convert, and P2P buying and selling):

*Binance app tutorial (Newbie’s information on use Binance app for buying and selling):

*Binance hedge mode tutorial (Hedging buying and selling technique defined for freshmen):

*Trailing cease tutorial (Full information to trailing cease order on Binance futures):



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  1. Could you give me an example for which kind of trades is better to use margin and for which futures? I have seen a guy who was in position for a month and used margin and I don't know why not futures? Cheers

  2. Hello i used the binance margin. I observed that my debt also decreased when the value of eth drops. So i cant get the idea if its not locking up the value of the coin. What if it goes the other way around? When i borrowed eth and eth price goes up. Will i earn if i repay eth too?

  3. Excelent content Soheil, honestly very well put. clear and concise all you content. I don't think there is anyone out there that explains in t he clear and comprehensive manner that you do, its very helpful on point and clear… thank you.

  4. very informative content, thank you, two things are unclear to me, for example if I open a Futures USD-M Trade on Binance, lets say XRPUSDT Perpetual Isolated with 10x leverage, will there be increased fees the longer the trade is open or does the duration of the open position not cause increased tradining fees when you close it? and can you somewhere see or calculate where the liquidation price of your trade will be in context to the set leverage and entry price? because it would be very nice to know in advance before you set your trade where you could be liquidated,
    thanks in advance!

  5. Thank you for this explanation.! Very useful information. Do you think that for beginner trader is more safer, cheaper and dont need so much starting money to trade futures than margin? I opened demo account and i am training with your guiding throuht videos.

  6. Hi Nice vedio can you make they vedio of spot trading and future trading what is deferent to because they spot trading if you lost you didn't liquidate and the future traiding if you lost you liquidate. Can you make vedio coz I did not understand..thnks

  7. In the future market With all parameters the same on both Long and short (Buy and Sell) it cost me 10.67USDT to buy 27 Sushi but when I wanted to sell same time it 80Sushi that is giving me 10.67USDT. Why is it so? Note same thing happened when i choose either market , limit, trailing stop etc

  8. Thank you for this insightful information but i have a question regarding placing an order on binance futures….what should i do when binance says * not enough margin* knowing that i have enough money on binance futures. Thank you

  9. Bro plz do a video cross vs isolated ( future trading ) and what is liquidation like if we do trade on cross if I get liquidation how much I loss in cross and future . Plz make a video I have seen your binance tutorial video but I want to know this

  10. Hey , great work man…I have a question- If I have lets say $10000 usdt in my future wallet and I do not use any leverage x1 , I take a long trade …keep it for days …sell it 30 days later at a profit….I pay maker/taker fee only or I pay funding fee as well ? Funding fee is charged when you do not use any leverage ?

  11. Hi Soheil, please is there truly of not getting liquidated while trading future, I saw an image of a roi trade but nothing is in where liquidation was supposed to be written so I asked the person he told me it's possible that it did it himself, although he won't tell me what he did, so please how is that possible, which method is that

  12. Hi great videos! I have a question: How long can I stay in a futures trading long/short position on Binance? Can I stay like forever without paying more fees? Because I dont borrow funds and only pay one time a trading fee that doesnt accumulate by a hour….Or did I forget something.

  13. Nice videos…Let's say someone took a day-trade or in future-options get a very-high loss due to absence of Stop-loss or any other similar reasons. How does company (Binance) or any other exchange get their full money back from a trader if the trader don't have enough funds in his account etc .? I am sure they will blacklist and have other legal options? please explain here or in any separate video. It's confusing to many!

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