Building a 176TB JBOD SAS Disk Array for Chia Farming, Supermicro 3U 16-Bay

At the moment, I will be increasing my 160TB Chia crypto-currency farming setup by including one other 176TB of space for storing. I will be utilizing SAS drives and changing this outdated 3U 16-bay server chassis right into a power-efficient JBOD disk array! This ended up consuming a lot much less energy than I used to be anticipating.

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00:00 Introduction
00:14 New Exhausting Drives!
01:30 Supermicro Enclosure
04:05 EVGA 510BP Energy Provide
05:28 Dell 5R10N SAS Expander
07:25 SAS Expander Energy Connection
08:07 SAS Backplane Energy Connection
11:51 Drive Cooling Followers
12:30 SAS Drive Cabling
13:25 SAS Expander Cooling
13:50 Energy-On Testing
14:32 All Drives Put in!
14:55 LSI SAS9200-8e Controller
16:02 Host Server Connection
16:52 First Energy-On
17:26 Does It Work?!
18:29 Closing Ideas/Conclusions

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  1. I must say I like this a lot, You have helped me with my next steps for my home server. Need to move from a giant computer case holding 16 drives to something rack mounted that will let me have more room to grow.

  2. Enterprise gear do staggered spin ups. Considering you may have a rack with 200 to 600 or so drives or more. I have 90 drives so you can hang quite a bit on a machine.

  3. Did you ever find out for sure if SFF-8087 is in fact hot-swappable? Do you know the maximum length of run that can be used for SFF-8087? I'm trying to build a JBOD chassis like this, but I might want to keep it in the basement for noise and heat reasons.

  4. 13 bucks for terabyte 😉 😉 I bought Dell-Oracle HDD rack with disks, each disks costs to me 9$ (4tb HDD 3.5) or 1Tb costs $2.25. Even with this price I think what Chia is biggest scam.

  5. so you got money i can see must be nice why dont you do something for kids with cancer instead of trying to fill your pockets with more money you abviously dont need lol looks like your life is fine so why not help someone that needs it ohhh thats wright your a scumbag who only cares about your self

  6. really don't get chia farming "oh lets destroy some perfectly good drives for some magic barley known currency that's going down in value" Like at least bitcoin and euterium weren't as destructive.

  7. This is a solution i been looking for in forever but never had any server hardware experience, I wish u mentioned pricing on the server rack gear and expander cards plus cables, the cable joinr the host pc to the server rack cost a fortune doesn't it?? I would be good if u can do a few more vids about this and somewhere to source the hardware.

  8. Every time I see a dell product, its using non-standard things, even though it could use a standard.
    Like my computer with non-ATX PSU, even though, it could use ATX, or this square molex instead of normal molex.

  9. I used to do enterprise dell stuff back in the day so yea this is is a decent build using hackdell equipment. Its usally better to find an expander that is compatible with the backplane you are running so you can turn on the notification lights from the os. Those are raid hardware controled (or in the HBA case, software controlled). If the backplane shows up in linux, you usally have to do some configuring on what drive address goes where. It sounds like a hassle, but if you swap the sas plug in the back, the drives detect in a different order and its annoying having to replace: P Might be seeing alot of supermicro stuff soon. Yahoo converted all their stuff to it to save money and I am sure they will be upgrading in the next year.

    Oh and technically they are hot swapable. I say technically, as I have done enclosure swaps. As long as all the drives are unmounted and you know how to reset the controler (or rescan) using the os. Its sketchy though and only did it when the customer was "WE CANNOT TAKE IT DOWN!" kind of mad.

  10. Hey Mr Lithium/Solar man.. I'd be interested to see a video on cutting out the DC-to-AC-to-DC conversion losses.. what would it take in the realm of boost/buck converters etc to run this kind of compute/storage rig directly off of a 12V/24V/48V lithium battery bank?

  11. This is awesome! Im using some NetApp shelfs for my plots. Its a great system (with the iom6 controller) but they are louder and use up to 275 watts for 24 drives. Great video my dude!

  12. That's funny, I'm a IT professional and a battery hobbyist and now I'm seeing IT content on a channel I follow because of my hobby. It was a pleasant surprise and you did well!
    I've built my iSCSI storage using three of these exact 16-bay Supermicro cases way back in the day, one contained the server and the two others were JBODs exactly like yours. There even is an original Supermicro part to convert a server enclosure into a JBOD, it's a small board that accepts a 24-Pin ATX connector, connects the front panel so you retain functionality of the LEDs and power switch and provides some fan headers, it's pretty neat. But obviously your solution is fine as well, I almost did it just like you because these JBOD boards were pretty hard to find.
    As you've noticed yourself, staggered spinup is a thing and it would have been fine with the normal molex power cables, even with multiple connectors on the same string. And good job that you didn't use the sata power connectors unlike many other people! They are usually only specced to carry 4.5A while the molex connectors are specced up to 8.5A and using sata connectors for general power applications could become nasty very quickly, especially with dodgy adapters which can carry even less amps.
    If you want to add a second enclosure I'd use the second port of the LSI controller before starting a daisy chain of expanders, unless you start dual linking the first enclosure, using both controller ports. I assume this Chia business doesn't need a massive bandwidth so dual linking is not important anyway.

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