CBOE Bitcoin ETF: Planning Reboot | Bittorrent Airdrop | Nasdaq BULLISH on Bitcoin [Crypto News]

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Cboe Pulls Bitcoin ETF Software, Plans Reboot

Most US Investing Professionals are Ready on a Bitcoin ETF Earlier than Shopping for Crypto

Samsung Galaxy S10

Right here is BiTorrent’s Official Listing of Exchanges and Wallets Supporting the BTT Airdrop Program

All Methods Go For Zilliqa’s (ZIL) Mainnet Launch on the thirty first of January

Prime 10 Messenger App Telegram Plans Blockchain Platform Launch in March: Sources

Nasdaq CEO Says Bitcoin and Crypto May Develop into the ‘International Forex of the Future


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  1. I think you’re absolutely correct about the Samsung phone. I am an iPhone user but I would definitely buy a Samsung phone. The brand recognition tells me they already make a great phone so at worst I would have a great phone with a crappy app.

  2. The Bittorrent airdrop was pointless. I don't see why there is even a need for BTT. Justin Sun is the master manipulator marketer. I'll stick with BTC n Cardano.

  3. Crypto currency mining super hash power has really been an awesome GPU rigs for me using the 10GH/s,the software has earn me more profit this past few weeks and with the guidelines Mr Luiz Fernando contact him via his email [email protected] and Whatsapp number +16624508715 to share more information.

  4. Also remember, Bill Gates bought his initial software (later become MS DOS) from Seattle Computer Products for $50K, and then stole windows/mouse from Xerox. FACT. But Gates had audacity, vision, and UTILITY. His tech wasn’t “new” to programmers at the time. Tech is always a development from previous tech. That is technological evolution. Too bad people don’t understand this very basic concept. Also, Eth is PoW and Tron is DPOS! Big difference. Not perfect comparison to Microsoft, but Sun has the vision and leadership to understand how the technology can be integrated and actually used by mass adoption in a timely and much needed strategy, …by buying BitTorrent, by partnerships, by meeting EVERY stage of development without any glitches, by smoothly handling the top/overwhelming number of transactions/min/day (don’t even want to number cause it keeps growing exponentially every day!), by their delivery. Tron has met every milestone in their tech development without glitches and excuses. This to me is amazing tech development and progress. Tron has INTEGRITY. THEY SAY WHAT THEY MEAN AND MEAN WHAT THEY SAY – AND DELIVER ON THEIR WHITEPAPER AND PROMISED MILESTONES. What more do you want from a project this young? You tell me which project has acquired this reputation and delivery? As it is well known, Justin and his team of developers do not sleep. They are the hardest working team with the most combined talent in the crypto space. Everyone just comments on Justin’s marketing because that is looking at Tron on an easy and superficial perspective. Yes, he’s a fearless marketer. Is that bad?

    Real projects (like Tron, like others), that are killing themselves to progress crypto adoption. CZ understands this. CZ can see through lots of BS projects (Binance deeply researches more projects than you ever will in your lifetime X 1000!) but knows how Sun/Tron will elevate this entire ecosystem. Watch and trust how the insiders like CZ are moving. If you don’t have confidence, then just ride on their coattails, if you don’t have the time to research/understand. You won’t be able to keep up with Tron. It would be a fulltime job. Support their development.

  5. Skycoin releasing THREE MAINNET launches this year! Their CX language is
    more advanced than every other programming language than market
    including C, java, and golang. Unlike other domain-specific languages
    such as Solidity, CX is a general purpose programming language. This
    means that the next wave of blockchain developers will be able to do
    just about anything with CX: smart contracts, decentralized apps,
    machine learning, video games, even CX itself will be developed with
    CX.Their new consensus algorithm will make PoS and PoW obselete. Their
    blockchain is infinitely scalable and every project using their
    blockchain gets their own blockchain so it doesn't clog the overall
    network like ethereum. They have no transaction fees and can scale to
    millions of transactions per second as more users join so it will always
    be fast. Plus their CXO is better than bittorrent and encrypted.
    They're also releasing skywire which is faster and more secure than TOR
    and TCP/IP protocol.

  6. And no one knows what Cardano is doing? They’re going to market crypto? Cool. And????
    I read the statement they put out. They’re “investing in crypto solutions and research supporting crypto solutions…” what are they, a think-tank? Yo! Cardano! What ARE YOU DOING? And what will you be doing when your boy, Hoskinson, drops dead of a heart attack? Why should I BUY YOU!?!?!?

  7. I don’t trust that phone shit. I’ll bet my last bitcoin that there’ll be a place for you to store your private keys on the phone. I’m an Apple user and I’ll tell you what – I wouldn’t put my private keys on this thing if my life depended on it. You don’t think Apple will hand those private keys right over to the feds? You don’t think Samsung will do the same thing? Or have those private keys rerouted back to them so they can get your crypto? Nuh-uh. I don’t think so. I aint goin out like that. If you keep your private keys in an app on your phone, you’re an idiot.

    Why is no one saying this?

  8. More involved now than ever! ETF is bad news for cryptos, Van Eck is a collection of bullion banks /major banks and you all know what happened to gold and silver.

  9. On February 11th, 2019, BitTorrent Foundation will initiate its first airdrop of BitTorrent (BTT) to TRON (TRX) holders. No minimum of TRX is required to qualify for BTT airdrops. Airdrops will be automatically distributed to the TRON (TRX) holders, regardless of whether TRX are frozen.

  10. If the Samsung phone Crypto Wallet ONLY holds Bitcoin and Ethereum, per say, and the Pundi X phone Crypto Wallet holds, say, 200 different cryptocurrencies, then Pundi X has NOTHING to worry about! I, for one, will renounce my 10 year allegiance to Apple's IPhone (which began with my purchase of the IPhone 3G and culminated in my purchase of the IPhone X — which I use currently), and go right on over and pick up my new Pundi X phone, no problem at all!! Crypto Now!! Crypto Forever!!

  11. 1. Traditional investors also want ETFs to limit their exposure/risk as they themselves wouldn't have to buy the crypto.

    They also wouldn't have to do any of the back end work involved with holding crypto as well and expose themselves to getting hacked, etc.

    2. Fun fact: Adena Friedman is a Taekwondo black belt.

  12. Great video … great staff is the market did not move … so maybe its time to go to the moon….
    It will be interesting 2019…
    Keep with the great videos….
    Respect from cold Macedonia

  13. I tried to warn everyone last year about the Bitcoin free fall and how it would go under $5,000.
    (NPXS) is finally coming out of its hole. Excited – (NPXS) .09 TO .16 CENTS

  14. Smart move ; but F THE ETF ! They will be begging for regulations by the time US government gets downgraded credit score they want to control it but it'll be too late cuz the world will adopt it by then.

  15. How can anyone in cryto NOT have a bag of TRX? Jack & the beanstalk. Trx will one day grow to a pot of gold, to a place where there is a real goose laying golden eggs! Watch Trx closely or you will really miss the boat. It has already left the port.

  16. Van Eck has already elucidated on CNBC something additional…they saw that BTC had pulled some attention away from their Gold ETFs last year. So they were pushing to get their investors a BTC ETF. Since the stock market bear market, Gold ETFs has risen again, beyond investor interest from BTC even. So i think Van Eck is putting their efforts again towards their cash cow – gold etf!!!

  17. Bitcoin could have a reaction to this ETF Cancellation because there is no unified news source for traders. We can still tank in the next 4-12 weeks and people say "it was because of ETF pull" .

    Realistically the ETF rejection should be priced in anyway

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