Christian Cryptograms – Jesus is LORD, Holy Bibles, God’s People

Listed below are three examples of scriptural Christian cryptograms. Learn DOWN the primary letter of every phrase, to type a sentence. These are unique. Hope you get pleasure from.

H oly are these phrases divine

O f each e book, thine works outlined

L ife is discovered throughout the pages

Y our advantage stands by all of the ages

B elievers know these are the phrases

I nscribed by holy spirits heard

B y thorough search throughout the scriptures

L ove is painted, as in an image

E veryone ought to learn this e book

S o that they could give their coronary heart a glance


C easing not, to be forgiving

H e gave his life to maintain us residing

R evealing truths by his holy spirit

I tune my thoughts, in order that I’ll hear it

S o holy He, had only one will

T o see his fathers work fulfilled

I n every little thing he mentioned and did

S criptures got here to life by him

L ove was what he got here to show

O n earth salvations, what he preached

R evealing how, we will reside for-ever

D ear Jesus Lord, Oh what a savior!


G iving, loving and real

O f each race and peoples form

D oing what, comes naturally

S erving GOD and glorifying HE

P leasant spoken and sluggish to rage

E ven when their persistence was frayed

O f all kinds, They’re wealthy in coronary heart

P rayerful of these in hurt

L oving, serving to, fellow kin

E ternally grateful to serve HIM

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