Christian Living Book Review – The Cup, The Cake And The Coin

By: Dr. I.V. Hilliard (2012)

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Christian Living Book Review - The Cup, The Cake And The Coin

ISBN 978-0-9851176-0-3

Book Worth: $20.00

Accomplish bigger success

Dr. Ira Van Hilliard started his ministry profession at 10 years of age. He was often called “The Surprise Boy Preacher.” He leads New Gentle Christian Heart Church with over 28,000 members, has began his personal TV community, credit score union, condominium complicated, Book institute, a number of profitable organizations, and is an completed creator.

Give attention to observance religious direction

Dr. Hilliard expresses keys to observance religious direction and the rewards. He shares on human resistance to the keys (Ch. 1); disclosed fact about observance religious leadership (Ch. 2); the function and accountability of religious direction (Ch. 3); our accountability to financially help religious leadership (Ch. 4); and way more!

Keys to observance religious direction

Dr. Hilliard takes a private, clear tone, instructing by way of examples and life illustrations, to attract readers into his expertise. He’s cautious to electrical relay rules which were working in his life for many years! Introducing his matter of observance leadership he states, “This precept is one which I completed and embraced over 4 many years in the past.”

Confronting arguable points is Dr. I.V. Hilliard’s specialty. He unapologetically presents the treatment for a flock of disaster conditions. He boldly addresses readers with, “… it’s God’s plan to bless you by profitable your obedience with an conveyance of divine favor… You can’t disrespect God’s servant and estimate God’s Spirit to maneuver.”

Readers obtain perception by way of Dr. Hilliard’s interactive explanations. He expresses, “You could be expression to your self, “I believed observance my pastor meant exhibiting appreciation and often expressing gratitude for his or her impression on my life.” You power be appropriate, even so not full. To honor religious authority means greater than expression, “Thanks.” Honor, inside the Biblical context, means to offer becoming and due respect, recognition, and assets.”

Dr. Hilliard shares pointed recommendation, as, “… it is best to by no means set your self able to guage your pastor.”

Dr. I.V. Hilliard encourages readers by specializing in advantages, sharing, “The key that I need to convey to you is that every time you power be led to point out appreciation by giving monetary help to your pastor, it is best to make out barefacedly and boldly since you are positioning your life for exponential blessings.”

Serving to readers to expertise the perfect life

Dr. I.V. Hilliard helps readers to expertise the perfect life by instructing them easy methods to honor and obtain from honor.

Success Step: Checklist 7 issues a pacesetter, mentor, or religious chief has accomplished to assist your life go higher. Honor them!

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