CRYPTO MARKET PUMP – Bitcoin Hashrate Increases Significantly – Who Will Win The CBDC Race?

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– Kraken Hires Lawyer Marco Santori to Ramp Up Acquisitions
– Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate has elevated 33% in simply two days whereas the worth of Bitcoin trails behind.
– The Financial institution of Korea introduced on April 6 that it has launched a pilot program to evaluate the logistics of issuing a central financial institution digital forex — or CBDC.
Disclaimer – Pondering Crypto and Tony should not monetary or funding specialists. You must do your personal analysis on every cryptocurrency and make your personal conclusions and selections for funding. Make investments at your personal threat, solely make investments what you might be prepared to lose. This channel and its movies are only for academic functions and NOT funding or monetary recommendation.

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  1. If the reserve banks had regulations to support it, they would immediately get rid of their dormant capital and hopefully pay off some of their debts. Then hello XRP but I'm probably hoping for too much too soon

  2. Kuddos man, Your channel is always informative!. trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is understanding the trends and working closely and where there is a potential drop as experienced lately, it should be seen as a potential to buy. The current correction, in reality, is long overdue and should be seen as a thing of joy as the dump is very temporal and also provides a unique time for you to grow your portfolio. I remember how last year at the peak of the bearish market when people were losing hope, a colleague of mine was steadily cashing out and eventually introduced me to an expert trader called Garrett Marcus whose system is so reliable and simple, 2 weeks after I got in touch with Marcus i saw my bitcoin portfolio grow by over 200% when others were selling their stash out of fear. Now the same thing is happening and I am unfazed because I still trade using Marcus's signals which have been confirmed to be among one of the most accurate in the bitcoin community today. It’s time to be smart and take advantage of a seemingly bad situation. stop trading on your own or HODLING get professional guidance. you can reach Mr Marcus on WhatsApp: +1 (418) 480 5931 or (Telegrm @Marcustrades I'm quite sure he'll be thrilled to coach you through the process and provide you with a trading pattern that is profitable for you.

  3. This is a very resourceful content, To everyone in panic…remember, all this market takes for a sentiment and trend reversal is one large green daily candle. Also, please know how privileged you are to not only be in this space this early but also that you actually understand the halving that cuts the new supply in half. I personally know 3 quite large Bitcoin investors that didn’t even know (until I told them) that the stock to flow is cut in half every four years. The world has never seen this type of asset before and may possibly never see it again in the future and Steven Deann is one man that has helped a lot of people including me with the right trade signals to trade successfully through the situations hence growing my stash of bitcoins. As a professional and seasoned trader, he helped me already make 5btc in the last 4weeks using his unique trade signals. , I am spreading this for those who have issues in turning in consistent profit in the crypto space. You can contact Mr. Steven on Telegram; Stevendeann

  4. Man Tony have we come along ways since fall of 2017 and of course prior to that… still way down but ignore the price and look at the development in the space and partnerships forged. I do remember when you always focused on "watch the development and watch the big money" and what we can find is probably just scraping the surface as to what is happening behind the scenes… keep up the great efforts… the big boy's can't hide forever on us they will surface!

  5. The government is behind the creation of bitcoin using military cryptography which is nothing new. Does anyone remember the video of the woman that was explaining bitcoin and all of a sudden the video is removed and made private???

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