Death By Deceit – A Christian Bible Poem

Now Annanias and Saphirah bought a possession
And took up the cash with out confession.
They have been taking on choices on the tabernacle that day,
So acquiring their cash they went their very own manner.

“Lets alone give a part of it,” sure one of them declared,
Smiling proudly on the thought of their head.
“Lets lie and say that is all that we personal,
I wager they’re going to imagine us, they’re going to not by a blame sigh have identified.”

Death By Deceit - A Christian Bible Poem

“We’ll still get to maintain some,” they declared very coldly.
Then they walked in the direction of the tabernacle, just a bit to boldly.
“Lets separate it is going to be simple to focus,
They’re going to suppose have been truthful, not speaking bogus.”

So Saphirah obeyed, and stood by the door,
As Annanias departed, set his foot on the ground.
An apostle named Peter stood inside the heart,
Watching Annanias about to now enter.

And enter he did, a proud look on his face.
He laid down his cash, and pushed them in place.
“That is all that I’ve and I am giving it to God.”
However one affair in his voice measured very odd.

“Annanias” Peter declared, “Why are you mendacity?”
Annanias was scared, yet he stored on making an attempt.
“That is all I’ve.” He declared with denial,
However St. Peter the Apostl knew, God, you can’t defile.

“It isn’t the truth that your providing was small,
However the truth that you declared this cash was all.”
Then Annanias fell, and he was useless.
“Take him away” Peter then declared.

The carried him out, and Saphirah walked in.
She did not know what occurred, her face had a smile.
“That is all I’ve, she then declared to Peter.
“Please, take it” she smiled even sweeter.

“How power you do that?” Peter then cried.
“Inform me Saphirah, why have you ever lied? “
“I’ve not lied” she spoke very hoarse.
“That is all I’ve, sure, in fact.”

Similar to her husband, Saphirah then fell,
However with out a scream, a shout or a yell,
For God smitten them down, for they’d been mendacity.
They didn’t confess, they stored on making an attempt.

They carried them out, and inhumed the 2.
This can be a lesson for me and also you.
And with regards to God, don’t compete.
Annanias and Saphirah hand-picked loss of life by deceit.

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