Diabetes In Astrology

Diabetes is a metabolic disfunction of the ductless gland pancreas. After we eat, the pancreas habitually produces the suitable measure of insulin to interrupt down the sugar into glucose which is the primary supply of vitality.

Diabetic individuals’s pancreas both produces little or no insulin, therefore extra glucose construct up inside the blood which overflows into the urine. On this method the physique loses its fundamental supply of vitality and later on turns into weak.

Diabetes In Astrology

In astrology by the cautious examination of the horoscope, it’s possible to foretell the susceptibility to the sickness diabetes.

Astrological components influencing diabetes are:

  • Ascendant:

    the overall construct up and power of bodily physique

  • Venus:

    guidelines kidney, suppression of urine

  • Moon:

    guidelines exocrine gland motion and blood move, urinary derangement

  • Jupiter:

    arteries, veins, degeneration, diabetes

  • Signal most cancers:

    guidelines pancreas, blood

  • Signal Libra:

    guidelines kidneys,and emission system

  • Signal Sagittarius:

    arterial system

  • sixth home:

    home of sickness

Planetary mixture’s which trigger diabetes are:


  • Venus by Solar/Mars in watery indicators.
  • Venus and Jupiter are by malign and a malign planet is posited in eighth home provides diabetes.
  • Malefic Venus positioned in ascendant/inauspicious home.
  • Venus and Jupiter are by malign and a malign is posited inside the ascendant.
  • Venus mixed with a malign in eighth home and likewise aspected by a malign.
  • Ascendant is by malign and its lord is in melancholy/set/hammed between malign/unfriendly signal and Venus positioned/facet eighth home causes diabetes.
  • Venus positioned in 2nd home, ascendant is aspected by malign and lord of ascendant positioned in sixth home inside the state of debilitation.


  • Moon by Solar/Mars in watery signal.
  • Moon is closely by Saturn
  • Moon in a watery signal and that is signal lord positioned in sixth home once again aspected by a watery signal planet signifies diabetes.
  • Moon positioned in a watery signal and lord of that signal is positioned in sixth home and aspected by Mercury [which is placed in watery sign].
  • Moon and Jupiter are by malign and a malign sitting in eighth home.


  • Saturn closely afflicts Jupiter.
  • Jupiter positioned in Purvashadha constellation.
  • Jupiter settled inside the constellation of Rahu and by it.

Signal Most cancers/Libra/seventh home:

  • Two or extra malign planets positioned in seventh home or signal Libra.
  • Signal Most cancers is closely by Saturn.

sixth /eighth home:

  • sixth lord is positioned in eighth home or vice versa.
  • Two or extra malign planets positioned in sixth home.
  • Rahu mixed with lord of eighth home in eighth home/trine causes diabetes to the native.
  • A really prejudicial malign planet sitting in eighth home and Jupiter and Venus are closely signifies diabetes.
  • Lords of 4th and seventh home are positioned in sixth/eighth/12 home.
  • Lord of sixth/seventh mixed with lord of twelfth home and aspected by Saturn signifies diabetes sickness.


  • Two or extra malign planets positioned in watery indicators.
  • Lords of 4th and seventh are sitting in unfriendly indicators and aspected by malign
  • Lord of third mixed with mercury and Mars in ascendant signifies diabetes.
  • Mercury posited inside the signal of Jupiter [Sagittarius and Pisces] and aspected by Mars power trigger diabetes.



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