Ethereum OR Solana? Who Will Get Ahead? [ Main Differences Explained ]

Ethereum killer, Bitcoin rival, and trade disruptor — these three phrases are incessantly used to explain the Solana blockchain.

However does Solana have the potential to dethrone Ethereum and take over the DeFi sector?
On at the moment’s Coinmarketcap episode, we are going to uncover simply that. We’re going to dive deeper into the Solana and Ethereum variations, similarities and the issues they clear up.

Make certain to tell us within the feedback beneath… Which one do you select:
Ethereum or Solana?

🔔 From crypto information, to market strikes, and to academic the best way to movies, such because the one at the moment.
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  1. I doubt solana will leave eth behind. In a year there is a new coin and people will say "solana is dead, this new coin is the future"… Ethereum has the big advantage to be anchored in the crypto space and I dont think anything will dethrone it in the near future

  2. Solana without blink of my eye. Innovative, fast, secure, predictibly-scalabe, composable, user-friendly, affordable and decentralized (regardless of incompetent opinions/FUDs claiming the opposite).

  3. Decentralization is the major reason of shifting to blockchain technologies and crypto currency.
    Waiting until Ethereum resolve the high gas issue, more fit with me than going to centralized networks (or less decentralization).

  4. 2:02 Ethereum has made a name for itself as a pioneer of numerous functionalities, which brought about more value in the crypto industry.
    2:09 Ethereum has made a name for itself as a pioneer of numerous functionalities, which brought about more value in the crypto industry.

  5. Avalanche outperforms both of them, significantly. Avalanche has only been around a little over a year and daily transaction usage is about 70-80% of ETH's already. They may not be as good at Marketing, but i think once enough people realize it, Avalanche will be the winner.

  6. Cardano, obviously …………
    ETH is broken (and too expensive) and Solana is wayyyyy too centralized with too many VC investors, also.

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