Ethereum Price Prediction Using Logarithmic Regression

Video from 2021:

I believe it’s time for an replace! Can we use Ethereum logarithmic regression to dubiously speculate on the longer term market cycle peak of Ethereum? Can we use prior ratios to foretell forms of returns? On this video, we talk about a possible peak for Ethereum based mostly on all kinds of prior information. I attempt to give causes for why I believe sure issues are seemingly/unlikely to play out, after which additionally problem that mind-set. The place do you suppose the worth of Ethereum is headed? Let me know within the feedback!

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Disclaimer: The knowledge introduced inside this video is NOT monetary recommendation.

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  1. I love your content, and approach on the market. Do you think that the stock market essentially being in an extended bull market for around 12 years now still has room to grow? Ive spoken with a lot of people that honestly believe that were just going to keep going? There's been so many warnings in the traditional stock market to support the contrary. I would love for this ride to continue. Unfortunately i just dont see it. I believe were do for a great depression. Extended cycles yes i believe in that but we need some sort of major correction soon, and i believe its going to be a doozy. Inflation is rampant but just like the roaring 20s this bubble looks ready to burst. What was it, the federal reserve, that decided to it was unethical to buy and hold stocks but it took 12 years of a bull market uptrend for them to come to that conclusion? Nailed the 4.236, and what do you know yeah were seeling all out stocks because it "unethical" 12 years they had. Anyway. I hope you're right and I'll continue to keep an open mind and do my own research. Thanks for maybe reading this long as comment. ✌

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