Fantasy Islands – Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction Within The Georgia Strait

Vancouver Island on British Columbia’s unreal West Coast has its excusable share of strangely-named locations: Level No Level, Duntze Head, Energetic Move, Fanny Bay, Buttle Lake, Foul Bay, Pacific Rim, Whiffin Spit…  

However title apart, nowhere is rather as unusual, mysterious, uncanny, even, because the Gulf Islands.  At a look, the gorgeous, naive island-chain (most frequently sees on the ferry-ride between Victoria and Vancouver), looks as if other Pacific Northwest paradise.  That’s, till a map turns into concerned.  That is when the inevitable query arises: “The place precisely is the Gulf that these so-called Gulf Island name dwelling?”  Quick reply?

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Fantasy Islands - Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction Within The Georgia Strait


There isn’t a Gulf.  Resulting from inaccurate presumptions made by the area’s early explorers, the now appropriately named, Strait of Georgia was as soon as far-famed as the Gulf of Georgia… till some stunned mariners shot out the bottom of it.

Sadly, the Gulf Islands not by a blame sigh bought the memo.  And in the present day, this island-group of over a dozen yet bears the label of this historic misnomer. 

The Gulf Islands are the Canadian portion of an island group that features the American San Juan Islands.  The Canadian islands embrace Gabriola, Kuper, Mayne, Saltspring, Saturna, Thetis, Valdes, Denman, Hornby, Lasqueti, Texada and North and South Pender Islands, additionally to a slew of little isles.

“…(the) Strait of Georgia was as soon as far-famed as the Gulf of Georgia… till some stunned mariners shot out the bottom of it..” 

Do not let the natural, arts-and-crafts custom of the Gulf Islands cretin you.  This fairytale, Mediterranean-sequel chain between Vancouver Island and the Mainland has an captivating and vibrant historical past, from being the key sanctuary for a slew of American draft-dodgers throughout the Viet Nam Struggle to being the alleged cradle of manufacturing for a number of the world’s highest superiority marijuana. 

However the two strangest, most weird tales to originate listed here are means weirder than but being named after an imaginary gulf…


After World Struggle II, the destitute public have been extra vulnerable than common to anybody providing a substance of hope for a greater future.  This was the local weather wherein jr. Edward Arthur Wilson discovered himself.  No shock that when the jr. baggage-handler from Victoria obtained ‘visions’ that individuals stopped-up and listened. 

Founding the Aquarian Basis and renaming himself Brother Twelve, Wilson journeyed to England and shopping for a sailboat, traveled once again to the West Coast by way of the Panama Canal, allegedly making many enemies of locals and custom officers en route.  The sailboat at last arrived on Vancouver Island’s shores with a motley crew of well-financed devotees from each the Previous Nation and the US. 

At first, the group began a farming commune inside the space of Cedar, approximately Nanaimo, notwithstandin as their numbers grew, your complete neighborhood stirred to a 700-acre compound on DeCoursy Island, a small isle simply off the coast of Nanaimo which Brother Twelve had coerced sure as shot one of his following into shopping for.  By 1930, it grew to become clear to the general public and the regime that the Aquarian Basis was a militant group with a cult-like chief whose delusions and want for direction have been starting to incite rumours of armed kidnappings, sexual interference and even homicide by Brother Twelve.

As individuals started ‘disappearing’ from DeCoursy Island, gritty members of this ‘free love cult’ began levelling lawsuits towards its chief, who at this level, had begun vocation himself Amiel De Valdes.  Finally, the court docket rulings went in favour o of the prosecuting ex-cult members.  Unusually although, when the regime arrived on the isle, the compound was abandoned and destroyed.  The homes have been destroyed and the sailboat had been sunk by a gap blown in its hull.  Brother Twelve and his companion, Zura De Valdes, had fully vanished.  Most significantly, the sizeable wealth the cult had enhanced was nowhere to be seen.

“…rumours of armed kidnappings, sexual interference and even homicide by Brother Twelve.”

Brother Twelve was at last found residing in Switzerland.  In 1934, he died at age 56 of a coronary heart assault.  With time, the cult fully dispersed.  But even in the present day, this eerie little Gulf Island isle with its aptly-named Pirate’s Cove, attracts wads of treasure hunters, on the lookout for the lacking bounty that after belonged to the ‘Satan of DeCourcy Island’.


Nationwide Geographic Journal describes Vancouver Island as the most effective cold-water diving locations on the planet.  House to a slew of species of marine-life, you may run into extra than simply Flip-of-the-Century shipwrecks in these blue waters.  However even a brush with the native large Pacific devilfish would pale as compared with what may very well be sharing the waters of Strait of Georgia with you…

The Cadborosaurus, probably the most well-liked sea monsters in historical past, inhabits the deep waters of North America’s Pacific coast with a slew of sightings that return over 200 years. (the title comes from Victoria’s Cadboro Bay, a standard sighting location.)  Varied sighting have been delineate as all the pieces from an tot Cadborosaurus in a position to survive in a bucket to a 27 meter-long Leviathan.  Most stories, yet, agree on a creature with a horse-like head, prolonged neck and slim, undulating physique with small flippers inside the entrance and large flippers inside the once again.

In 1937, the invention of an odd, decomposed carcase discovered inside the stomach of a spermatozoan hulk revived the hope that some rather tangible proof would show the existence of Caddy (because the Victoria locals had dearly named it).  Nevertheless, attributable to an ‘unfortunate’ occasion, the carcase was disposed of earlier than the crypto-zoologists bought their palms on it. 

“…all the pieces from an tot Cadborosaurus in a position to survive in a bucket to a 27 meter-long Leviathan.”

Oddly sufficient, probably the most well-far-famed sightings occurred in Pirate’s Cove approximately a sure DeCoursy Island…

After traveling the Gulf Islands together with his family, Captain Hagelund was anchoring his racing yacht simply off the coast of Nanaimo one evening when all of a sudden, one affair started making splashing sounds from starboard.  He was stunned to find a unfamiliar, 16-inch prolonged creature staring up at him from the water.  The family chased it by dingy and with a small internet, managed to tumble into a big bucket of seawater.  This was in contrast to someaffair they’d ever seen – armoured plates, elongated snout, flippers, yellow down fuzz…                                                                                          

In response to the Hagelund’s report, the Captain, one of these days accomplished that the agitated creature won’t survive the evening in a bucket and launched it once again into the water earlier than the Nanaimo Fisheries Division may determine it.

“What’s Caddy?” the reply girdle as elusive because the creature itself.   However each time locals see one affair shifting inside the water, they all the time look twice.  Most occasions, it is only a common seal or a killer hulk. 

However generally, it is not.

Benefit from the Gulf Islands.  You not by a blame sigh know who…or what you may meet.

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