Flax XFX Coin's Worth? What will it get me? Chia Fork

Poor Investor Discord:

As of this video Flax simply launched Flax Explorer. Some thrilling information for all you fork Farmers.

Will this Chia fork attraction win over the Chia guys.

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The Chia Plot: All of your Chia Information By: Chris Dupres

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TOP 10 Depend Down Chia Farming Questions:
Constructing First Chia Crypto Farming Rig AMD 2021:
CHIA Crypto RIG Prepared for Plotting / Farming:
CHIA Farming White Paper Defined | Farming Replace 2021:
CHIA Blockchain 1.1.1 Failed Plots Crypto Farming:


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  1. flax is horse shit . 10 days with 700 plots and not even 1 , and yes i do all their stupid requests with port and sync and wallet sync and etc. this is going to worth 0 for sure , it's just pure trash .

  2. I was waiting to comment hoping to tell you I WON FLAX,,,,No 4 days still no FLAX starting to worry that something wrong with my set up..If I can not even win FLAX how as expected 7 days…How can I ever win CHIA at 6 Months expected time to win…

  3. more than 1 week now with my 122plots still no SPARE,XCH, XFX,CGN even though some of it say estimate to win 2days ago which was 5days ago delayed… haha I dont think I'm cut out for this. I'll keep it for 1 more months and see how it goes.. while you do all this you should mine on corepool Poor investor. at least you are getting xch from it. it's alot easier to setup than HPOOL and no validation BS. with your 600 plots I'm sure it can give you more than a Popeye chicken. I am currently running CorePool, CHIA, Spare, Flax, Chain green at the same time with no error.

  4. Cant seem to farm chia on hpool with these forks. Hpool can detect the files are in use online and shows your miner is offline even if the console/gui scans your plots and detects full capacity.

  5. I had to manual add addresses for chaingreen to sync. I can send you the ones that work best if you want. XFX I haven't won a block yet. 3 days 1200 plots. Spare I get around 12 a day. Chain I get 1500

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