Gemini Dollars vs Tether, Trade $NEX OTC? $NEO FTW Lotto! Keith Waering🤣🤣 $DOGE MOON

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Will Gemini Dollars change into the subsequent dominant steady cash? Tether $TUSD vs Gemini Dollars $GUSD. Paxos Belief Firm-Paxos Customary $PAX steady coin. Why has Doge Coin $DOGE been doing so properly?? How do get Neon Meta Trade $NEX Tokens?? Neo Good Financial system lottery coin For The Win $FTW and FTW OTC good contracts. Keith Wareing wants a freakin beer man!

OTC Buying and selling For NEO Good Financial system $NEX Tokens

00:08 Miami Intro-“Get together In The Metropolis The place The Warmth Is On!!!”
00:48 Keith Wareing May Be Jealous of Chico Crypto
00:59 Beer Intro: La Rubia From Wynwoood Brewing Co.–Florida US
01:21 Winklevoss Twins and Gemini Trade Launch Gemini Dollars
01:50 Winklevoss Twins vs. Mark Zuckerberg and Fb
02:37 The Feautures of Gemini Dollars $GUSD
03:48 Paxos Releases one other FDIC Insured Secure Coin $PAX
04:25 Transfer Away from Tether $USDT!!!
04:37 Why Is Doge Coin $DOGE Doing So Effectively???
04:57 Doge Coin Has Third Highest 24 Hour Transaction Quantity
05:10 Doge has Neighborhood, Neighborhood, Neighborhood
05:44 NEO Good Financial system and $NEX Token Distribution OTC
06:07 $NEO For The Win Decentralized Lotto and OTC Good Contract
06:37 Trusted OTC Group for Buying and selling NEX Tokens $NEX
06:54 NEO Wants To Focus On Management and Neighborhood
07:24 Even The Finest Traders The place As soon as Moon Boys

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  1. Gemini is trying to make it's stablecoin popular asset among traders however this is total scam and do not believe that anyone would really invest or seriously use this stablecoin

  2. i do not think that it is interesting to compare tether with for example Gemini as tether has so great advantage in trading volume and market cap and is definitely unreachable for other stablecoins

  3. "They didn't stop there." The NYDFS actually approved the Paxos Standard (PAX) first, the week before they approved the GUSD. GUSD and PAX officially launched on the same day (09/10, the day GUSD received approval).

  4. I'm not touching GUSD. As soon as you do KYC, and send GUSD to one of your ETH wallets, governments will figure out which wallets you own. I also heard Gemini can freeze your GUSD.

  5. I have a conspiracy theory about Zuckerberg, the Winklevii, Bitcoin, hollywood and Darpa. Here it goes:

    Darpa had a Program called Life Log that was meant to track every aspect of individual humans. This Program got Cancelled the same day Facebook was founded. The Conspiracy is, Was Facebook more or less GIVEN to Zuckerberg by the secret Gov't. but in order to make Facebook LOOK like a college dorm start up instead of a Gov't Funded Spy Program, they would need a good story so people would trust it. If so, then the whole Zuckerberg stole the Winklevoss idea Story is Bull shit. And what happens when the gov't wants to really sell a Narrative? They make a Big Budget Hollywood movie about it. Just to sway public opinion. Make people believe in a story that they will never fact check.

    But if true, then this means the Winklevoss are in on the deception. Why would they go along with this? Cuz they love the idea of the Gov't spying on its citizens?? No. What if they were promised something that the NSA had been working on for years and was going to launch it in a few more years. A new Currency. Bitcoin. It will also be disguised as a grass root start up that will flourish like Facebook and Google eventually. (Funny how Google is also made to look like a Garage Start up and now helps the Secret Deep State Gov't).

    Everything in my gut tells me Bitcoin is a Gov't Funded Project and this is why they never squashed it when they could have very easily. Notice how Trump banned the Petro Crypto from Venezuela practically immediately with no real reason other than to protect us from ourselves?? All they would need to do to ban Bitcoin and all Cryptos, is have one of their Cronie "News" paper companies print up a few article about ISIS and the Taliban using Bitcoin for Terrorism and then pass a law that says anyone caught transacting in Bitcoin is helping terrorism and is punishable by x amount of years in Prison. That would keep it out of the hands of the masses. I'm sure a few would still mine and use it to buy drugs online. But it would kill the movement.

    And Now the Winklevoss are basically the Crypto Kids of Wall Street. Very suspicious I am. The invisible hand guides us. But in the end, if this is what the gov't wants us to use, they are gonna make us use it. So I say embrace it.

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