How to get a NEW Cryptocurrency AIRDROP! GUARANTEED!

How to get a NEW Cryptocurrency AIRDROP! GUARANTEED! Avalanche AVAX is making crypto traders wealthy however the actual large play is on TraderJoeXYZ the most important change on AVAX and this new GRO airdrop!
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Avalanche AVAX is among the quickest rising cryptocurrencies and blockchains particularly their c-chain. TraderJoeXYZ is about to blow up and together with it and their Joe token or xJoe when it is staked is GRO and WHEAT tokens launching on the AVAX blockchain after their big success on Ethereum and Binance Sensible Chain! Development DeFi is airdropping their GRO tokens to Avalanche AVAX traderjoexyz JOE xJOE stakers and so many extra loopy crypto airdrop alternatives proper now!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 How to get a cryptocurrency airdrop!
01:10 How to chase passive revenue via crypto airdrops
02:23 The Development DeFi ecosystem
03:31 Interacting with the Avalanche blockchain via Metamask
05:13 How to attach and purchase on the TraderJoe Dapp
06:39 How to stake on TraderJoexyz
07:44 When and the way will the airdrop occur?
09:30 All the time DYOR, do your personal analysis
10:18 How a lot do I must stake to be eligible for the airdrop?
11:06 How a lot will the airdrop be price?

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  1. hi … I am a subscriber with you. am a newbie but trying! I followed your economy build video and bought a mining rig without GPU to finish the build

    bworworkingut now that i have bought 3 different nvidi cards ( gtx 1070 start modest) cannot get the motherboard to "see" them. running updated Windows 10, updated isus mboarddrivers and latest nvidia drivers – but still not working.

    cards fans spin and lights up etc. have tried plugging directly into the pcie slot or by powered risers – but no luck

    any suggestion would be appreciated….keen to join you in the crypto mining adventure….thanks

  2. WOW!! Is this really what we waited literally weeks for? $6 worth of GRO?? WTAF!! oh and this is even better! Now it seems they bumped the staked Xjoe back into my metamask wallet, and have removed metamask from the wallets connect list.. How are we supposed to swap Xjoe back to Joe if we can't connect a meta mask wallet? Its probably going to wind up costing more than the pitiful $6 airdrop just to swap everything back to AVAX!!

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  4. Dude I would work for you for free just to learn. I live right outside DC. Got into mining in January but could only buy one GPU and I'm trying to build wealth a little faster

  5. i found this video a week ago! however binance had disabled c chain transactions and it only just enabled it just now so i staked about 6 joe hehe. hopefully i still qualify for the airdrop or maybe earn a nice amount of staking rewards in the long term. also wanna say ignore all the negativity from the new comers in the space. youre content is great and i highly appreciate your effort to educate and share the excitement of crypto. 🙂

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