I Used a Crypto Trading Bot and it Made Me This Much $_____

I gave a crypto buying and selling bot my very own private $$$ to commerce for every week. In complete I used three bots supplied by 3Commas, every bot technique range in danger from conservative too aggressive. This video shares my expertise and to see if we will make a hustle out of this profitable technique.

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  2. Nah 3 commas I have checked their service before and I have had the same sort of results. Personally wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole. I’m sold on coin rule which for me has made me this month alone £900 can’t complain bought the yearly hobbyist plan

  3. Investing in crypto now is very cool especially with the current rise in the market now,that is why i let expert Mr Mahabub to handle my investments…his strategy is the best

  4. Yo bro, are there any crypto bots that allow you to trade instantly? Like if a hot coin is trending, I can buy it with the bot and the bot automatically sells at a certain gain/stop loss?

  5. I have a quick question. I am looking for something to alert me when my crypto drops to a certain point. I am not technical. Would I want to actually use a bot or just a crypto alerts as I see both. Any ideas would be appreciated!!

  6. This is really a great video, but as for me i make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with mrs Patricia james , her trading strategies are top notch

  7. I recently just started investing in bitcoin when I learnt it was $60000 through the help of Austin and just an hour ago I got a profit of $9000 into my wallet

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  9. The demo bots usually trade much better than the real bots – but it's only because they have to assume every order is fulfilled when the price is triggered, where as in real life, your order might not get filled because other people's orders can be ahead of yours in the order books.

  10. Warren buffet is a brilliant investor but he still thinks btc is a currency…he doesn't get it, and he has admitted he doesn't and has no interest in learning…why would he? He doesn't need it. He's old and technology was never his thing…he still trades on paper…I do feel like if he was younger he would he more into it…

  11. Oh my god! This was the worst video about bot trading I have ever seen. It's crystal clear you don't know anything about the topic. Also, 3commas is geared towards pro traders. There are easier platforms to use. This one though is the most flexible I have seen.

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