Interview With Tony Wells, Author Of “Black Man Under The Deep Blue Sea”

Tony Wells has gone from being the kid of a damaged home, to at to the last degree one who has overcome many challenges till he power succeed at turning into the one Black American Business Deep Sea Diver to work inside the strict Offshore Oilfields in Southeast Asia, the Center East and Africa inside the Nineteen Eighties and Nineteen Nineties. Alongside the way in which, he not exclusively grew to become a terrific deep sea driver, yet he completed about humanity. “Black Man Under the Deep Blue Sea” is his autobiography, and he’s right here right now to inform us extra about his inconceivable journey.

Tyler: Welcome, Tony. I am glad you could possibly be a part of me right now. I comprehend the good change in your life started when your adored ones emotional to Hawaii if you had been fourteen. Would you inform us slightly bit about what your life was like previous thereto transfer?

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Interview With Tony Wells, Author Of "Black Man Under The Deep Blue Sea"

Tony: Previous to shifting to Hawaii I used to be pleased with the quiet country-boy life-style the place we spent most of our time fishing and looking after college and on holidays. For me there was no higher method for a child rising up throughout that point.

Tyler: What concerning the transfer to Hawaii modified the route of your future life?

Tony: Nicely, in Hawaii you are on an island enclosed by the deep blue sea so I discovered it exclusively pure to be drawn thereto through Aqua-Lung diving and browsing. Since I’ve all the time been the brave sort I discovered it straightforward to retread from exploring on land to exploring underwater. This all got here pure to me.

Tyler: Did you are taking to Aqua-Lung diving naturally?

Tony: Scuba diving was my means to discover and breath underwater so I took thereto like a fish!

Tyler: What about it did you discover so satisfying?

Tony: It was like one other world for me. A silent world that had inconceivable limitations and pleasure and one which I bigly wanted to discover.

Tyler: A number of folk go Aqua-Lung diving. Why did you resolve to retread it right into a deep sea diving profession?

Tony: Really, once I was Aqua-Lung diving in Hawaii I not by a blame sigh notional that I power onetime turn into a industrial deep sea diver working inside the strict sea oilfields abroad. Scuba diving is a all all different world from industrial diving. If you’re out Aqua-Lung diving you are simply on the market having fun with your self and having time, yet if you’re working as a industrial diver, it isn’t in in the slightest degree gratifying any longer since you’re really working and generally you are below stress and strain from above (the ‘topside’ personnel) to go down there and get a particular job dead. You haven’t any time for enjoyment in any respect.

Tyler: What made you resolve to turn into a deep sea diver? Did you ever dream of being one matter else?

Tony: After I was junior we lived in Indianapolis, Indiana and the Indy 500 race monitor was few 880 yards from my home so we power hear when the vehicles had been practising there. After my uncles introduced me there to see the apply and races I knew my future in life was to turn into knowledgeable race machine driver. A number of years later when my mother remarried to a bluejacket we emotional to Hawaii, and I made associates with some guys who raced on the oval dust tracks there and helped them work on their vehicles so I even so deliberate on turning into a race machine driver onetime. Nonetheless, after I graduated from highschool school my home emotional from Hawaii to California and I began going to school part-time and dealing a full time job. After few years of doing this, I spotted that I used to be bored and requisite to journey and do one matter extra thrilling for my work so I made a decision to enrol inside the skilful industrial diving course at Business Diving Heart in Wilmington, CA.

Tyler: Deep sea diving has had its harmful aspect for you at instances. Will you inform us slightly bit about these risks and why regardless of the risks, you continue to discovered it worthwhile?

Tony: Nicely, it is similar to every other occupation, I assume. It does have its risks yet when you’re working underwater you simply haven’t got time to consider all of the stuff that would probably go unsuitable. The second you begin eager about all of that’s the time you should not be a industrial diver any longer.

Tyler: I comprehend you had been a diver for a batch of oil firms?

Tony: Sure, most of us had been ‘freelance’ in order that signifies that we’d work for disregarding diving firm had a job or, if there have been a number of synchronic jobs, then we’d work for whichever firm was paying the very best.

Tyler: What precisely was the aim of your work, and the way did you meet the stress of the strict oil firms?

Tony: We did all of the issues that folk do whereas engaged on topside jobs. The one distinction was that we had been doing them underwater. Primarily, we did oilfield assist sort work, in order that concerned engaged on oil rigs, pipe egg laying barges, crane barges, derrick barges and off of big boats, and many others. Stress from the strict oil firms was simply one other a part of our job. For the fellows who weren’t as a good deal like spec or who simply could not take it then they both would have been run off (fired) or they’d simply up and stop that occupation.

Tyler: You power have additionally been on treasure diving hunts. Will you inform us about these?

Tony: My most notable treasure hunt was once we had been looking the 500-year-old Portuguese ship named, “Flor do Mar,” off the coast of North Sumatra. That was actually thrilling and lasted for nearly two years. One other time I used to be employed to search out sunken smuggler’s gold off the coast of Pakistan by the Pakistan Authorities and that was fairly fascinating additionally.

Tyler: How did you transition from working for oil firms into treasure looking?

Tony: My roomy in Singapore knew some guys who had been placing together a group to hunt for a 500-year-old Portuguese ship that sank off the coast of North Sumatra (Indonesia) so he invited me to hitch them. By that point I used to be more than pleased to do one matter all different and thrilling furthermore the standard oilfield sort work I had been doing for the previous a number of years already.

Tyler: I comprehend that you simply had been as soon as illegally detained by a international regime. Will you inform us slightly bit about that occasion?

Tony: Nicely, that was primarily a case of us being inside the unsuitable place on the unsuitable time plus some corruption and covetousness made up for a mixture that cipher would have requisite to be involved in on the time. That was off of a small island in Indonesia the place absolutely anymatter goes if the circumstances occur to be all towards you as was in our case.

Tyler: What kind of work had been you doing on the time, and why did the Indonesian regime turn into upset?

Tony: I had some good analysis on an English wreck that had sunk off of a small island in1789 that had misplaced ten chests of gold and silver cash so myself and pal of mine requisite to go and have a basic have a look at the world to see if the mission was viable or not. Sadly, few days earlier there had been other guys in that basic space who had been utilizing explosives to salvage a metal wreck so when the Indonesian police detected us in that space, they assumed we had been those who had been doing the metal wreck salvaging. Due to this fact, they took us in and detained us for questioning yet even once they completed it wasn’t us, they began seeing bank bill indicators as a requirement of us acquiring launched.

Tyler: Tony, how do you view your life? Your tales sound just like the adventures of films? Did you ever want for a quiet life as an alternative?

Tony: I view my industrial diving life as fairly an journey and once I look again on all of it now, I can truthfully say that I am glad to have lived it. I am additionally glad to have survived by means of a number of the many shut calls which I skilful on a number of events. Now that I am older I just like the quiet life yet again in these days I adored the thrill, explorations and adventures I went by means of. Sure, as a matter of reality, I do imagine my e-book would make a hell of an ideal film additionally! Haha.

Tyler: Tony, what made you resolve to jot “Black Man Under the Deep Blue Sea”?

Tony: Many years in the past I spotted that it is really easy to neglect issues I had dead the earlier week, and even earlier day generally, so for the previous twenty or extra years I have been maintaining a journal as a result of I like to think all the matters that is occurred to me in my life. It is not that I used to be all aboard preparation to jot my life’s story yet once I did begin memory and re-reading about these wild and thrilling adventures I power gone by means of I made a decision that possibly I ought to write my memoirs. I knew that if anybody loves pleasure, adventures and humor that they need to love perusal my e-book.

Tyler: Why did you select to spotlight your self as a black man inside the title?

Tony: I’m a Black American so when it got here to pick the title for my e-book it was very easy for me. I requisite it to be self-explanatory (Black Man) and additionally to sound thrilling adequate to catch the reader’s consideration (Under the Deep Blue Sea). I am hoping I’ve achieved that.

Tyler: Your e-book additionally negotiation concerning the issues you have completed about life and folk. What would you say is the “message” of “Black Man Under the Deep Blue Sea”?

Tony: Principally, what I’ve skilful throughout all my itinerant is that the general public of various races all around the world simply wish to be wholesome, comfortable and have love of their lives. My message is that it doesn’t matter what race or gender you power be, do not let ignorance or jealous folk put you down or let you know what you ‘can’ and ‘cannot’ neutralise life. Somematter is possible so if you wish to do one matter simply exit and do your finest and do it. If my e-book can encourage only one individual on this world I’d really feel fairly glad and comfortable that I did write it.

Tyler: Tony, do you have any plans to jot extra books?

Tony: “Black Man Under the Deep Blue Sea” is decidedly my second written e-book. My first e-book is titled, “Shipwrecks & Sunken Treasure In Southeast Asia” and it got here on account of the analysis I obtained throughout our seek for the 500-year-old Portuguese ship, “Flor do Mar.” After that I wrote an e book titled, “Cannon Journal-Compilation of information on bronze Asian & European Sort Cannons (1500-1800’s).” If you happen to’re a bronze cannon fanatic you then would positively love this e-book. Anyway, the reply to your query is a particular YES.

Tyler: Since you power be now not a deep sea diver, how do you fill your time now?

Tony: Presently I am working full time for a corporation in Saint Petersburg, Florida, that makes the world’s exclusively real-time 3D underwater sonar. That retains me fairly busy. I am additionally promoting my bike gear shifter cushion on-line and am preparation on extra advertising to have the chance hopefully to extend gross revenue so I can do this full time considered one of today.

Tyler: Thanks for becoming a member of me right now, Tony. Earlier than we go, will you inform our readers your website deal with and what kind of extra info they could discover there about your e-book?

Tony: My pleasure, Tyler. My site is http://www.tonywells.internet and I’ve extra details about my historical past, some pictures of my home, and additionally some recommendation to up and coming writers and discoverers there. I am a part-time discoverer so there is a hyperlink to my bike gear shifter cushion invention, Shiftcush. There’s additionally a hyperlink to my bronze cannons website. Get pleasure from!

Tyler: Thanks, Tony. I want you a batch extra adventures.

Right now, Tyler R. Tichelaar, Affiliate Editor of Reader Views, is emotional to be joined by Tony Wells who’s right here to speak about his new e-book “Black Man Under the Deep Blue Sea: Memoirs of a Black Business Diver in Southeast Asia,” PublishAmerica (2007), ISBN 9781424174225.

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