Is ALGO essentially the most sustainable crypto? What is Algorand? How does Algorand evaluate to Cardano?

Why is Algorand thought-about one of the crucial sustainable cryptocurrencies? Watch the video to be taught what ALGO is, how pure proof of stake works, ALGO’s local weather initiatives, and the way Algorand compares to Cardano.

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  1. Hey there! Amazing video!! I have a question – I am currently drawing up plans to build green homes and I wanted to tokenize the business (and even possibly stake) in either ADA or ALGO blockchain. For someone who is looking to improve sustainability and reduce carbon footprint, which of the two would you recommend? Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. solana's tps is 5,000. What is the advantage that algo even if it goes 4,600 tps? and as i understand, forking is like a version upgrade. If solana is not open to forking or upgrades then is there a positive effect if it does not want forking may it be hard or soft forking?

  3. Programming language:
    ALOG: Teal, Virtual Machine (for Python…);
    CARDANO: Plutus (Haskell), Marlowe, (think for the long run the will build a VM, too)
    ETH: Solidity

  4. Thank you. I was looking for updated information on Algorand and this was the perfect video. Most of the information out there is about market speculation. You covered the main aspects I wanted to know: team expertise, transaction speed, PoS, etc. The environmental link was a good bonus. The crypto space needs more people like you: able to put the memes aside and look at the BIG changes blockchain will bring in the next few years.

  5. Great video, I’ve been thinking of starting a crypto channel too. If you keep uploading you’ll definitely keep growing. You should add time stamps though!

  6. Hello! Just subscribed 🙂
    What are your thoughts on bitcoin long-term sustainable energy argument? Do you think it can be valid with proof of work? Also love Algorand! By far my biggest holding.

  7. Forking doesn’t have to do with someone replicating the code of the blockchain. Open source blockchains can easily be replicated. A fork is when there is a split in the ledger, where two blocks are added at the same time. Forking can render one part of the blockchain null.

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