Is It Too Late to Start Mining Chia Coins? Update on the Recent Reward Rates

Alright, let’s speak concerning the arduous subject that’s Chia mining at a small scale. Is utilizing your HDD house to help the Chia Community ensures a reward. I’ve lined among the factors on this within the earlier movies as properly, however I feel it is value reiterating given the latest Chia community ballooning in dimension. That is made for the smallest of Chia farmers who’re both contemplating beginning or have been trapped within the limbo of continuous to chase the community or cease and farm what they’ve.

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  1. Honestly I had huge faith in Chia as a new currency for the future UNTIL I learned that Chia themselves prefarmed 97% of all current Chia on the market. That's absolute bullshit considering that that comes out to around 25 BILLION USD! Bram has recently stated that the prefarm is going to be used to pay the Engineers of Chia as well as bolster their business, Cmon man you guys have 10000 engineers making a million dollars each? Then they just sit back and reneg on their initial statements that Chia was meant to use "Extra Space" laying around and now he is saying that a small farmer will be around 200 TB wtf!!! That's 10 times more space needed than someone who has 20 TB laying around. Absolute ridiculous greed from the company Chia. If even half of those prefarmed coins were in circulation the incentives to farmers would be much better and regular people would still stand a chance of getting something from supporting the network. At this point you stand no chance unless you want to spend your life savings to have a chance at winning something in a few month's. Stop supporting the Chia network it is a huge scam run by the greediest group the crypto community has ever seen. Get bent Chia devs you should be ashamed.

  2. I started end of April and am still going but my daily plotting speed is only 8 plots across two old computers. I was just doing it for fun but seeing how the netspace has grown from then, when I actually stood a chance to now when my chance is virtually non existent because I can't keep up and am unwilling to put in more money, it's stopped being fun.

  3. Im out. Fuck chia. I tweeted that he should have told us about another delay which he admitted he knew for a long time and was banned like everybody else who

  4. Wow whiny FUD, what was the TH and difficulty of ETH when started vs now?

    Chia is like 2 months old and everyone is loosing their minds!!

    You can still ROI in 2.5 months!!! A GPU IS 8+!!!’

    Pull it together until pools come out, babies, just a bunch of babies.

  5. It's not worth is, if you haven't been doing it for at least the last month, starting now is a waste, unless you have very deep pockets and can wait.

  6. Last week I stopped plotting because I had lost hope, then I won two CHIAs with around 150 plots and I started plotting again. The sensation of finally winning gave me back my hope. I suggest starting chia if you have spare hard drives, otherwise search for used hard drives. Buying new stuff is not worth and it's against the idea of chia, but we all know people will keep buying new stuff.

  7. Chia was never profitable to regular people as solo farming is basically hardware lottery with software tickets. With official pools you may earn some tiny bits of chia with your re-plotted (yes, official pools will require you to plot pools-compatible plots) hundreds of TB of plots. If you have less than few hundreds of TBs of plots you will not ROI, ever. Chia is for enterprise, pools, by looking at what happened at solo farming and how quickly and to what extent chia networks size grew, will not be in any way profitable to regular people.
    We all have to deal with fact that anyone who invested literally any money into hardware with dedication to just Chia will not ROI, ever.

    From the first news i read about chia i knew it will end up like this. I also dig out some articles about burstcoin which was similar concept and i can summary both things in one sentence: burstcoin failed because of issues with its technological aspect, chia failed because of its success – too many people and corporations got involved into chia which led to be profitable only to enterprise.

    Concluding: better use your cpu resources to mine cpu coins like monero (xmr) and your storage to store and share torrents with hentai.

  8. I was thinking: Will it make any difference getting into an "official" POOL? Because the difficulty will remain the same or will continue to grow exponentially, the difficulty will not decrease because of an official pool … = /, or am I mistaken?

  9. I have 700 plots and make 30 plots a day, not a chance. If you can't manage at least 100 plots a day forget about it. The network is still growing exponentially. Every day my expected time to win grows larger.

  10. The HDD prices are going up now in Canada, would be pretty expensive to try to start solo now, however I won twice with less that 200plots, reinvested everything in new HDDs. Its costs about $3500 per 100TiB now

  11. I've started plotting and farming like 2 weeks ago, today I've found that I probably haven't been farming at all because I didn't add exception rule in the firewall…
    I think most important is to get actually working GUI and the pools.
    After that people get few chia, possibly listed on coinbase the price goes to like $5k/XCH, maybe Elon makes it a new bitcoin and those who were patient win.

  12. No, never too late unless hard drive prices are in the sky. You want to do this asap before pooling comes out, as that's when people will start earning daily profit to buy even more hardware. I'm so sick of seeing videos like these without taking into account that pooling. is. becoming. a thing.

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