New Bitcoin and Crypto TAX CHANGES Explained

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ClearValue Tax and associates and associated events don’t present tax, authorized or accounting recommendation. This materials has been ready for informational functions solely, and isn’t meant to supply, and shouldn’t be relied on for, tax, authorized or accounting recommendation. You must seek the advice of your personal tax, authorized and accounting advisors earlier than partaking in any transaction.

Authorized Disclosure: I’m not a monetary advisor. The data contained on this video is for leisure functions solely. Earlier than investing, please seek the advice of a licensed skilled. Any inventory purchases I present on video shouldn’t be thought of “funding suggestions”. I shall not be held chargeable for any losses you might incur for investing and buying and selling within the inventory market in try and mirror what I do. Until investments are FDIC insured, they might decline in worth and/or disappear solely. Please watch out!

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  1. How do I move my crypto from US based Exchange, to Kucoin without that being flagged?
    Couldn't say, robinhood still supply the IRS the 1099b form, and follow the money?
    I really don't want to pay taxes for last year.
    I made 150k, but have since lost half of it. Meaning, I'll have no money left after paying capital gains this year.

  2. Thanks for the info! Curious about selling a crypto that I am in the red on and buying back in almost immediately. Would I be able to realize that capital loss as a deduction on my taxes this year?

  3. Hi Brian, new to your channel and appreciate the great information you've been putting out. Question about tax law change number one regarding the 1099b:

    With the government now requiring crypto brokers to issue out 1099Bs, would you agree that this is a step towards crypto being placed in the same category as traditional securities, allowing wash sale rules to apply to them? This "loophole" idea has been debated about (and frowned upon by many), so it would be nice to get your opinion on it.

    Appreciate your time!

  4. us gov is bankrupt they trying to scrub money in any shape or form. actually, all the countries related to IFM fiat also bankrupt because they no longer printing dollars except us

  5. So if you earn or stake crypto on the exchange ? Do you owe or have to pay back interest from staking at the end of the year even though you have didn’t sell the crypto?

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