Noahs Ark Ribbon – How To Earn This Ribbon On Farmville

To earn the Farmville Noah’s Ark ribbon you could purchase a number of distinctive animals and place every of them in your farm. It’s essential to in addition harvest or acquire from every of your cattle.

Step 1; The Yellow Ribbon:

Noahs Ark Ribbon - How To Earn This Ribbon On Farmville

To earn the yellow ribbon you have to 2 distinctive animals. Go to the market and buy a cow, a rooster, and a sheep. Gather the milk, eggs, and wool from every of your animals.

Step 2; The White Ribbon:

To earn the white ribbon you have to 4 distinctive animals in your farm. Ask your Farmville neighbors and buddies to ship Farmville animals to you as a present. They will ship you a horse, a pig, a duck, a rabbit, or a goat. Harvest horse hair out of your horse, truffles out of your pig, down feathers out of your duck, angora wool out of your rabbit, and milk out of your goat.

Step 3; The Crimson Ribbon:

To earn the purple ribbon you have to 6 distinctive animals. Add extra Farmville buddies and neighbors to obtain extra gifted animals.

Step 4; The Blue Ribbon:

To earn the cordon bleu you have to 8 distinctive animals in your farm. Undertake animals out of your neighbors to succeed in that stage. Animals out there for adoption embody the Ugly Duckling, Black Sheep, a White Cow, Pink Cows, Brown Cows, a Inexperienced Turtle, a Black Kitten, a Wild Turkey, a Bull, a Clumsy Reindeer, a child calf, and extra.

Noah’s Ark Ribbon Cool Farmville Info:

o Earn the Yellow Ribbon and you’ll obtain 10 XP, 500 cash, and acquire a rooster.

o Earn the White Ribbon and you’ll obtain 20 XP, 2,500 cash, and acquire a pig.

o Earn the Crimson Ribbon and you’ll obtain 50 XP, 5,000 cash, and acquire a duck.

o Earn the Blue Ribbon and you’ll obtain 100 XP, 10,000 cash, and acquire a horse.

Ribbon Ideas and Tips for Farmville:

To get all 4 Noah’s Ark Ribbons quick, add extra neighbors so you’ll obtain extra items, and have extra alternatives for adoption.

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