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On this episode, Rodney critiques how we have navigated via the narrative of realizing to reach particularly to Nihilitive Knowing by way of what we have termed ‘inperience’. Gustavo revisits the opening epigraph to the guide to see if our understanding of what it means has shifted for the listeners.

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“Nothing makes the world actual. Nothing makes the world work.” Our foundational outsight is that, with a delicate and deep understanding of Nothing, science will evolve and enhance its information of the manifest world. Probably the most profound language for expressing Nothing is discovered within the traditions referred to as apophatics: the unfavorable manner. The apophatic philosophers, non secular – and trendy humble physicists – maintain that very good folks ought to use their refined intellects and schooling to hunt and specific Nothing, but additionally understand that Nothing lies off the cliff fringe of considering and phrases. Sadly, there isn’t a pith to Nothing. Nevertheless, while you hearken to our podcast, you’ll come to a satisfying and helpful understanding, an efficient heuristic for the interpretation of science writing the place Nothing is a presence or the place the presence of Nothing would deepen the angle of the work.

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