Rare American Coins And 1840-1873 Liberty Seated Silver Dollars

The Liberty Seated sequence silver Federal Reserve not is inconceivable to finish in MS situation attributable very small coinages and low survival charges. The sequence began as a slight variation of Christian Gobrecht’s authentic obverse design. The unique Gobrecht hovering eagle reverse was changed by a modified Heralding Eagle design by John Reich, first used on cash in on 1807.

Robert Ball Hughes modified Gobrecht’s authentic obverse creation inside the “title of decency”. He sliced a couple of of her rock seat away, made the exemption inscription on her protect extra legible, and added extra folds to her left sleeve. He additionally added 13 stars to the obverse moderately that putt them on the reverse.

Rare American Coins And 1840-1873 Liberty Seated Silver Dollars

It was minted at the start in Philadelphia, then in New Orleans in 1846. Liberty Seated was the final silver Federal Reserve not minted earlier than the Coinage Act of 1873. The Coinage Act of 1873 stopped-up the manufacturing of silver {dollars} for home use, and initiated the usage of silver Commerce Dollars for international commerce.

The Coinage Act additionally complete personal citizen having the power to have their private silver or gold minted into authorized tender. The principle supply of silver previous to 1870 was from personal residents, and ne’er a good deal silver was normally introduced certain minting.

By 1859, there was now a importantly better provide of silver from the Comstock Lode, attributable this fact output of Liberty Seated {dollars} elevated on the finish of the sequence in 1871 and 1872. The Commerce Greenback crammed the hole between the Liberty Seated and the Morgan silver Federal Reserve not.

The full manufacturing of all Liberty Seated Federal Reserve not enterprise strike is 6,487,747. The Philadelphia Mint produced 5,465,463 of those cash. The truth is throughout 1871 and 1872, the Philadelphia mint affected a complete of two,179,300 cash, making them probably the most “frequent” inside the sequence.

In 1851 and 1852 the Philadelphia Mint produced a complete of alone 2,400 cash. The department mints alone affected Liberty Seated silver {dollars} for 4 years every, early in manufacturing in New Orleans, and late in manufacturing in San Francisco and Carson Metropolis.

The New Orleans mint affected a complete of alone 875,000 of those {dollars}. The New Orleans items have far and away the best mint state survival charges of all the sequence as a result of 1962-64 US Treasury launch.

It’s believed that between one and three mint-sealed baggage of 1,000 contemporary 1859-O and 1860-O {dollars} had been discovered among the many baggage of Morgan and Peace silver {dollars} bought to the general public in the course of the 1960’s.

The 1870-S Seated Federal Reserve not coinage is unknown. Estimates vary wherever from 25-300 items. At the moment’s confirmed inhabitants is only a dozen specimens. The truth is, the very best recognized specimen 1870-S is MS-62. 1870-S is taken into account the king of the Liberty Seated sequence.

1866 was the primary 12 months American cash began so as to add the inscription “IN GOD WE TRUST”. This date is unquestionably extra frequent in MS situation than many preceding dates.

The Carson Metropolis mint produced a complete of alone 18,584 Liberty Seated {dollars} throughout its 4 years of manufacturing. The 1870-CC accounts for 63% of the overall coinage, making it probably the most “frequent” of the Carson Metropolis produced on this silver Federal Reserve not sequence. A “few” MS examples have turned up.

The 1873-CC is the second rarest date to the 1870-S with a complete coinage of 2300, and a single MS-64 discovered. As a result of this sequence incorporates so many “stoppers” and is way more costly to accumulate than the Morgan or Peace sequence, the Liberty Seated sequence sadly hasn’t had a good deal collector curiosity.

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