SHIB Coin Price Prediction Ep 011 – Shiba Inu Technical Analysis

SHIB Coin Price Prediction Ep 011 – Shiba Inu Technical Analysis
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Right this moment we carry out some technical evaluation on SHIB Coin with a view to make a value prediction for the place we may see the worth of Shiba Inu go within the close to future.

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00:00 Introduction
01:06 Shiba Inu Coin Price Analysis
10:41 Outro


As a disclaimer the movies and matters I talk about are purely based mostly by myself ideas and opinions which shouldn’t be taken as monetary recommendation. Please keep in mind to do your personal analysis and seek the advice of with knowledgeable earlier than making any monetary selections.


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  1. My dear shiba army brothers, if you wont to win realy hold minimum 100 millions, divide them between exemple binance, crypto… Ect for the security, i trust plate-forme more than wallet its also my opinion

  2. When you have 31m staked and 80m ready to liquidate at any moment the pumps look amazing on my phone! Big money signs up and down! Just imagine what it will be at by the end of the year. I cant lie if it dipped back down to 30 or 40 per seven mill im gonna go ham!

  3. No clickbaits,
    Subscibed. ✅
    Pls keep on doing these practical price predictions.

    I dont know about shib reaching 1 dollar but I am confident about one thing, as long as the holders dont sell and they continue to HODL, Shib will reach 1 cent sooner than we expect.

  4. Good to see this is not a YT click bait video, I’m seeing a lot of crazy out there production for the coin and all out lies with $1 makes in 2021. I think some YT channels need to calm down a little it’s early days. Great video

  5. One thing I've taken from this last month is bot selling is the real disrupted of this new market. 100s of coins are being artificially dumped by whales who don't even look at their account…

  6. Shib is really getting hard to hodl. Lol goes up goes lower the. Previous price point. More people buy coin but also more people can manipulate the bump. 1.8Billions shib coins. Just release the swap. All they do and release updates saying same thing. Over and over again. Month is nearly done. Still no news. Lol. Coins on coinsbase listed recently pumped and dumped. Within hours.

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