Tesla Stock Boosted by 150% Price Target Increase + Musk Moon Tweet, TSLA Token, Solar Roof

➤ TSLA inventory upgraded by Canaccord Genuity analyst Jed Dorscheimer alongside a 150% value goal enhance
➤ Elon Musk tweets about going to the moon and Tesla’s choice to take away radar from the FSD beta
➤ Binance begins buying and selling of a TSLA inventory token
➤ Tesla updates utility vitality storage webpage, gives extra particulars on software program
➤ Solar Roof order holders report Tesla elevating costs after order contract signed
➤ Nvidia broadcasts next-generation AI-enabled processor for autonomous autos
➤ Spain approves EV subsidy plan

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Disclosure: Rob Maurer is lengthy TSLA inventory & derivatives

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  1. TSLA's higher profits on solar roofs come on the backs of cancelled existing customer contracts. Signed contracts were unilaterally cancelled by Tesla because they were not making enough profit on those contracts. They offered existing customers NEW contracts at huge price hikes, such as mine: $54K to $95K.

    It is my personal believe that Tesla's "good guy" image is just an illusion. They have the morals of coal mine owners.

  2. I don’t understand Elon’s tweet: Since when does each Tesla car have 5 forward facing cameras? I thought 3 forward, three backwards and 2 side wards? (Plus one interior camera)

  3. @ 8:40 the software used to manage the power delegation sounds a lot like what STEM’s program does. If I remember correctly, there were rumors that STEM and Tesla would be doing business together, but I feel like this info squashes that rumor.

  4. I'm driving Tesla Plaid on I-5 Central Valley in Cali. Suddenly I'm in dense fog. Cameras are no better than human eyes in the fog. I'm a multi-millionaire. For want of radar or lidar my $140K car is a blind as I am in the fog. You think that's where I want to be? You've got to be kidding! First time that one or more Teslas are involved in a pileup in the fog on I-5 with fatalities will be the end of FSD based on cameras only. Machines must work better than human vision to be acceptable. If human vision fails drivers in certain kinds of weather, especially at night, FSD based on camera vision will also fail drivers at times as well. That is unacceptable. Regulators will not approve it.

  5. High volumes typically attend big downturns & vice versa. So Tuesday's both big upsides AND volumes for TSLA should indicate (to algos & institutions) that there are huge bullish moves in store.

    The major movers' buying frenzy should set them to fight each other to raise lower resistance much higher, at the cost of (GME/AMC-like) bears. Look for most of those (remaining) TSLA bears to capitulate completely by Q3. That should signal the end of the beginning of the EV "S" curve, the top of which Tesla should reach around 2030, years ahead of whatever few competitors that survive the ICE/fossil to EV/solar transition. It should be exponential from now, until then!

  6. One 'edge case' that might warrant radar would be another driver at night not using headlights. Will the cameras see the vehicle when the driver cannot? There was a local fatality recently where a driver made a presumably 'safe' left-hand turn across an unlit road to enter a driveway and was fatally hit by an oncoming vehicle without headlights. The driver without headlights was DUI, but it happens.

  7. I expect the same dynamic on the cybertruck as on the solar roof. Putting in your $100 deposit does not quarantine a price. It says this right in the small print. Maybe it assures a place in line, but I think the main play is a free loan to Tesla, most of which will be refunded when a non-vapor cybertruck with desirable options costs about 10K more per unit than the prices on the cybertruck order site — without the 10k+ full auto option. Make no mistake I favor this play, as I hold stock.

  8. I’ve experienced multiple times that my Tesla told me side cameras were blind when I drove on CA101 around sunset time. Not sure how a pure vision system gonna handle that

  9. My Solar Roof Quote went from $95,000 to $156,000. That's over50% raise and is unreasonable IMO. This is for a roof over 5mo. in order, very irritating!!!

  10. OK Tim Dodd, Felix Schlang, Marcus House, or any of you other Teslaraties, it's time for a new T-shirt.

    Tesla Bringing a machine gun to a knife fight

    Or maybe,
    Tesla, Bringing a machine gun to the OEM industry's knife fight

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