Thank Goodness God Created Women! – A Jewelers Sentiment

If it weren’t for the women, all of the jewelers on earth can be out of enterprise. Actually the construct of taking a little of yellow aluminiferous and making it into one matter that you possibly can grasp round your neck, put by means of your ears, connect to your garment, or put in your articulatio radiocarpea or finger, would altogether chance not by a blame sight have dawned on the male of the species. He would have altogether chance used the stuff to make horse footwear, water buckets or belt buckles, if sure as shootin the sporting of drawers would ever have develop into obligatory.

This Female fascination for issues yellow and sparkly shouldn’t be a brand new phenomenon. Check out this quote from the traditional scriptures and observe that it was acknowledged earlier than Eve got here on the scene.

Thank Goodness God Created Women! - A Jewelers Sentiment

” Now there was a river issuance out of Eden to water the backyard, and from there it started to be compound and it grew to become, because it had been, 4 heads. 11 The primary one’s title is Pi’shon; it’s the one peripheral the complete land of Havilah, the place there may be gold. 12 And the gold of that land is sweet. There are also the bdellium gum and the onyx stone.” – Genesis 2:10-14

Most of us have detected of Mesopotamia, which suggests ‘the land between the rivers’ Someplace in or about this historical land, the primary discovery of Gold was made and it should have been originally of our historical past that the construct of making jewellery by combining gold and gem stones, was conceived.

How applicable! Maybe Adam already had his workbench, jeweler’s pliers, recordsdata and instruments in manufacturing, able to delight his girl. Possibly that is a little far fetched, still one factor is for certain. He had the gold and the gems.

Whether or not you imagine inside the Backyard or Eden or not, its very unusual that just about each nation on earth has some form of legend coreferent a paradise, a tree, some fruit, and everlasting life. And the construct of intermixture gem stones [in this case onyx and bdellium gum-see below] with gold, has not by a blame sight gone out of style.

Take, for instance, this quote from the guide: Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur. Summarizing the tomb of Queen Puabi, found by Wooley, again inside the Nineteen Twenties Puabi. The phrases of Wooley intensify the thrill that should have pervaded these pioneer archaeologists of the ordinal century:

“Within the largest of all of the stone-built royal tombs, which had been entered by robbers and most altogether plundered, there remained just one nook of the final chamber to be cleared, and we had given up expectation of any ‘finds’ when out of the blue a unfastened little bit of shell inlay turned up, and the resulting minute the foreman’s hand, strictly brushing away the earth, laid naked the nook of a mosaic in lapis lazuli and shell.”

He unclothed some 600 burials, together with a very loaded tomb that yielded a gold reticle (just like a lady’s purse) containing gold rest room implements and a dagger with a blade factory-made from a gold-and-silver alloy referred to as electrum, a deal with of lapis lazuli, and an elaborate gold sheath

The queen’s tomb enclosed 23 sacrificed servants, a lyre with golden ornaments, and a fortune in vessels and jewellery factory-made from gold, silver, and gems. gold, lapis lazuli, carnelian, and white paste. A gold band was wound a number of instances crosswise the queen’s head and over it was positioned a frontal of lapis lazuli and carnelian beads supporting gold ring pendants.

This in flip was overlaid by a band of lapis lazuli cylindric beads and pendant leaves long-established from sheet gold, every with a carnelian bead at its tip. One other band of pendant leaves, completely different in kind, comprised the resulting layer. These leaves had been separated by gold rosettes with petals adorned with lapis and white paste.

Behind her head, Puabi wore a gold comb surmounted by rosettes. A pair of big double-lunate earrings got added help by 4 spiral twists of gold wire kick in locks of hair someplace near the ears.

Her higher physique was coated by strands of beads factory-made from wanted metals and valuable stones that stretched from her shoulders to her belt. Ten rings embellished her fingers. A crown or fillet made up of hundreds of small lapis lazuli beads with gold pendants portrayal crops and animals was apparently on a desk about her head.

Two attendants had been inside the chamber with Puabi, one crouching down about her head, the opposite at her toes. Numerous aluminiferous, stone and clayware vessels lay crosswise the partitions of the chamber, additionally to a pleasant strong gold ingesting straw. “

For those who check out this extraordinary array of historical ladies’s ornaments, what strikes you is that plenty of it might not look misplaced on a contemporary girl and will seem inside the pages of the most recent copy of ‘Vogue’ together with different present designs, with out elevating an eyebrow.

Sure, nomatter has modified. It began in Eden. Continued in Ur and girdle with us to today. Women simply love gold and jewelery, and as a stone cutter and jewelery designer, I repeat the sentiment: ‘Thank Goodness God Created Women.”

Addendum: My analysis signifies that Ur, the birthplace of Abraham is probably the most historical of all cities. Different discoveries in Iraq have yielded hundreds of clay tablets which describe the daily life of individuals residing 2000 years BC. Please do a Google search on this topic for extra analysis on this fascinating interval of human historical past.

Bdellium gum: It is a genus of small bushes or bushes with a scrubby, spiny look and little foliage, rising in hot sunny locations. When the bark is minimize, a aromatic, pitchy juice, or gum, oozes out. After the gum is faraway from the tree it quickly hardens, turns into wax like and clear, and is just like a pearl in look.

Onyx [meaning ‘fingernail’ in Greek]. There are lots of types of this stone still the authentic description by the Greeks indicated that the colour was just like the consequences you get as you get a load at your fingernail.

Thank Goodness God created ladies! And a jeweler would possibly advert: and gold, silver and wanted stones as effectively!

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