The David Nugent – Jason Lowen Controversy: Freedom And Abuse Of Speech

The David Nugent – Jason Lowen contestation is a collection of occasions that concerned a Jewish-American blogger Jason Lowen who written allegations con to his former pal and associate David Nugent additionally to the latter’s firm affiliations Metro Pacific and Manuel Pangilinan. Lowen’s weblog reached headlines in Manila’s high-society circle in 2008 when he started publication materials that accused of defective enterprise dealings, deceitful claims, cash laundering, and unskilled company governance — amongst others. The weblog grew to become a significant gossip subject in Philippines’ capital metropolis of Manila mostly amongst high-society members and finally raised questions concerning the extent of exemption of speech in running a blog.

The claims made by Jason Lowen via his weblog have been taken for face-value and instantly used-up in Philippine media, which is disreputable for its voracious urge for food for gossip, mostly with none fact-checking or analysis for credibility. This resulted inside the debacle that affected enterprise with Metro Pacific — one of many main conglomerates in Southeast Asia — putt pressures on its head government Manuel ‘Manny’ Pangilinan and Vice President David Nugent. The ‘scandal’ resulted in Nugent’s gracious surrender in 2007, so as to stop additive injury to his firm’s status.

The David Nugent - Jason Lowen Controversy: Freedom And Abuse Of Speech

Quickly thereafter, proof would floor that Jason Lowen’s allegations have been alone baseless. A letter written by Lowen to {a magazine} (OUT Journal, written in 2004) discovered his psychological and emotional instability, citing issues (bipolar/manic depressive and basic nervousness issues) additionally to an incapability to manage and settle for the fall-out of his relationship with former fan David Nugent. Whatever the revelation, the injury had already been dedicated. Fortuitously, Nugent was capable of rebound with a brand new place as Vice President and Director of Ace Saatchi and Saatchi.

But, the preponderance girdle as an outrageous precedent the place weblog assaults have been taken for face-value with none verify for authenticity, permitting the denigrative materials to contaminate cyber reputations that finally leaked into mainstream media. Criticisms have arisen questioning the rattling line between exemption and abuse of speech. Anybody is allowed to mass produce calumnious blogs on the web but there doesn’t exist a governing physique that checks and screens for idle and calumnious productions. Financial amends together with offers misplaced, adjustments in hierarchy, and presumably authorized prices are doubtlessly at stake — to not point out different sorts of amends not responsible by foreign money; thus, with these as grounds, are running a blog restrictions and authorized safety inside the cyber realm by a governing physique even so not warranted?

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