The Original And Counterfeit: 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar

The 1804 Draped Bust government note is probably the most attention-grabbing and fascinating of all U.S. cash, with many mysteries and Hades kind tales encompassing it. Often illustrious as the “King of cash”, it is without doubt one of the most well-illustrious and beneficial cash on this planet.

No 1804 dated silver {dollars} had been really smitten that yr. These cash present proof of a know-how which wasn’t available in 1804, still 30 years later.

The Original And Counterfeit: 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar

Official mint information present 19,570 Draped Bust silver {dollars} had been produced, but it surely’s believed that every one the {dollars} really smitten in 1804 have been dated 1803 or earlier than. This was a apply on the time to avoid wasting the expense of making new dies yearly. The silver {dollars} really minted in 1804 are indistinguishable from their 1803 predecessors.

15 specimens of the 1804 Draped Bust government note are now illustrious, and all 15 are accounted for. They are classified into Class I, II, & III. There are 8 Class I examples minted in 1834. 1 Class II, and 6 Class III cash had been minted off the file by Mint workers between 1857 and as late as 1870.

All Class I 1804 silver {dollars} will weigh 416 grains, the usual previous to 1837. Class I and Class III 1804 {dollars} have a well-read fringe of the model used from 1794 to 1803, whereas the Class II government note has a plain edge.

The 1858 Sort III restrikes had been made on disregardless planchets may very well be discovered on the time. They did not au fond weigh the brand new 412.5 grains settled by Congress. Apart from their non-uniform weight, Class III cash will be distinguished from Class I by their barely entirely different reverse design.

It’s thought that ab initio 15 Class II {dollars} had been illicitly smitten by mint workers, which had been later returned to mint officers. The entirely odd Class II 1804 government note has gone to the Nationwide Assortment inside the Smithsonian.

We now know that the 8 Class I, 1804 {dollars} had been minted in 1834-1835 for inclusion in presentation proof units given to dignitaries by the US Authorities. One is discovered inside the King of Siam proof set, the opposite went to the Sultan of Muscat.

When the U.S. mint exhausted their unique provide of 1804 {dollars}, an extra 7 extra items, the kind III had been made to fulfill collector demand in 1858 & 1859 and launched over the following 20 years to collectors.

All of those cash are uncirculated, though 4 of the 7 had been made to look circulated. That approach their house owners may have an evidence for his or her acquisition, not ligature them on to the US Mint.

Within the late 1960’s there have been 1000’s of solid {dollars} dated 1803 & 1804, additionally to Commerce {dollars} offered to American troopers return from Viet Nam. These cash generally exhibit an I or ! after the phrase AMERICA on the reverse. They are solid copies of an 1800 Draped Bust silver government note, with the final 0 retooled right into a 4.

Solid copies sometimes have poor, vague options. The Fields are porous in texture, which is in line with solid cash. They are additionally gentle in weight, coming in at entirely 22 to 23 grams. Lastly, the 1804 date is properly lower disregardless put on. A coin with blobs on the date is counterfeit.

Alterations of different dates from real 1801 to 1803 Draped Bust silver {dollars} account for the remainder of the illustrious counterfeits. Most date alterations will present instrument Simon Marks across the altered date pretty distinctly, although just few have been deceptively effectively achieved.

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