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  1. Light speed charges on all fees! Per trade / per share … commission. Platform $120 etc

    Cmeg same thing and riskier. Commission will not let you win

  2. Lightspeed Brokerage Trader plate form is a Das PlateForm & Das plateforms can be added to interactive brokerage, Now will I have the Speed of light speed wihile using interactive brokerage… if not what international brokerage will allow this plus send me an invite to light speed

  3. Maybe it was a fluke, internet issue ? I've had 0 issues with them , we're you on pro account? Not to mention it's a small cap they needed to obviously locate shares

  4. Does anyone here know how to fix the missing candle info on charts, especially when it comes to options premiums? Keeps saying attempting to retrieve market data, and sometimes it never does.

  5. I am disappointed with IBKR. I started using it in june last year. I am a tech. The IBKR platform is a windows based virtual machine. A virtual machine is a real computer like the laptop I am using except it is all software. So that virtual machine uses chromium as an internal web browser. That is a problem. First virtual machines are resource heavy. Second chromium is slow. I worked on customers computer found that browser was the reason they had problems like 100% disk usage. I always uninstall it. It is such a problem that I can't set trendlines. Their server takes too long to respond because of the chromium browser the virtual machine uses. I have a HP Envy with 12GB ram i7 chip set. I have a resource heavy PC game on this computer. This game is also virtual machine based. I have no problems. It is the workstation. However, I can't find a adequate alternative.

  6. Why do you recommend interactive brokers on your trading warrior web site? Your Summary review is :

    In our Interactive Brokers Review we found their platform is stable, the availability of shorts is great and the overall experience was better than most other brokers. Please update your website please

  7. Commenting halfway through… you used a marketable limit order. So, of course they're going to fill your order at the highest price they can, up to your limit. I don't think this is the fault of your broker. If anything it's your fault for telling your broker to buy shares on your behalf all the way up to that limit price. If I was your broker I'd jump a few microseconds ahead of you and buy them at the current price and then sell them to you at a half-penny higher. That's the order you asked for.

  8. Hey Ross, thanks for the video. Do you have any suggestions on international brokers with instant execution speed? I'm from the UK and finding a broker that meets this criteria is proving very difficult.

  9. Hello, I'm new to forex trade and I have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong

  10. What if you want to buy 1M shares but there is no supply given you are putting a LIMIT order? You could do $3.50 AON order and placed 1M order it might get filled in and it will still wait until there is sufficient available quantity to match your order. Isn't it?

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