The Sovereign Individual – By James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg

The Sovereign Individual by James Dales Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg begins ominously, stating “The coming of the yr 2000 has haunted the Western creativeness for the previous thousand years.” At that time the creator goes on to state that the pc revolution is certain to subvert and destroy the nation state as globalization and cyber-commerce (to not point out cyber-currency) will slowly however certainly diminish the facility and affect of governments as regards taxation, politics, lobbyists and labor unions. Moreover, the creator states that even regulated professionals will lose their authority as expertise turns into “democratized.” The office atmosphere will give method to telecommuting, whereas citizenship will grow to be out of date. Nevertheless, Davidson’s prophecy for the technology-fused future would not finish there. He additionally predicts that the twenty first century (and onward) will produce its personal medieval service provider republics that may type their very own legislative proposals, mafias, covert companies and prison gangs.

Creator James Dales Davidson is not ranting about doom though-he really gives a really in-depth evaluation of the world scene today-a world taken divided between monetary freedom and monetary management, all facilitated by the data age. In his guide he writes on a doable societal transformation hauntingly harking back to the America of historical days: the Roman Empire. He additionally compares the appearance of digital expertise to the revolution of gunpowder. The theme of all of it? The rise of Sovereign Individual and the demise of mass democracy in addition to the welfare state. James Dale Davidson is the creator of this controversial however politically piercing guide concerning the dire results of the informational age.

James Dale Davidson might already be identified to you as an American funding e-newsletter author, in addition to the creator of different issue-oriented books like The Nice Reckoning and Blood within the Streets. He has co-authored all three books with William Rees-Mogg. Professionally, Davidson is the founder and former head of the Nationwide Taxpayers Union, and labored on the Arkansas Mission in opposition to President Invoice Clinton, in addition to being an investor in Davidson went from graduating Oxford College and dealing as an assistant to serving as a chief monetary officer and now a best-selling creator. Certainly, the Sovereign Individual spawned a gaggle known as the “Sovereign Society” devoted to particular person monetary freedom and libertarianism.

Whereas Davidson’s guide actually has darkish undertones, it isn’t a guide of doom. The point of interest is on the best way to survive and revenue from the digital revolution-how to speculate, discover tax shelters, keep away from prison enterprises and even promote one’s personal enterprise on the Web. “The Sovereign Individual” is Davidson’s most critically acclaimed guide. The Library Journal calls The Sovereign Individual “visionary…strongly beneficial for educational libraries.”

Readers have additionally expressed their appreciation for Davidson’s work, calling his guide a must-read guide for anybody that desires to keep away from the approaching crises and stay financially impartial. Touchstone initially revealed this guide in 1999 and now its predictions, as soon as far-fetched, are steadily changing into a really actual chance, particularly in lieu of the monetary collapse of many banks within the USA and all over the world.

You’ll be able to nonetheless order The Sovereign Individual on-line (after all…who buys something from a brick and mortar guide retailer lately?) and see what all this twenty first century hype is about!

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