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Not dismissed as a haven for criminals and drug sellers, Bitcoin and blockchain have gone mainstream. Bitcoin’s 2021 surge grabbed the eye of C-suite executives worldwide; not solely are firms using the expertise underlying Bitcoin to carry out duties corresponding to reconciling invoices and verifying product provenance, however dozens at the moment are holding Bitcoin as a treasury asset. Our third annual Blockchain 50 options firms that lead in using distributed ledger expertise and have income or a valuation of not less than $1 billion. Twenty-one newcomers—together with the world’s largest financial institution, the Industrial and Industrial Financial institution of China, and 4 others from Asia—make their debut. They take the spots of such U.S. firms as Fb, Google, Amazon and Ripple, all of whom are nonetheless lively in blockchain however stored decrease profiles within the area over the previous 12 months.

Up 300% in 2021, Bitcoin is out of the blue getting respect within the C-suite. Right here’s how PayPal, Sq. and the 48 different large firms on Forbes’ third annual Blockchain 50 are outpacing their competitors utilizing Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain.

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