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At this time within the information!
– Chocobo GP is all about microtransactions
– Atari buys MobyGames
– Advance Wars is delayed once more

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Chocobo GP:

MobyGames Purchased By Atari:

Advance Wars Delayed:

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  1. I don't mind the pushback for reboot camp. It give people time to digest other games, it's story is admittedly kinda touching on something that's sensitive in the current world, and it gives some more time to refine if they need it.

  2. Games companies are buying developers because they fear the coming changes. Streaming is going to happen.
    If Sony DONT buy anyone they will be left as a redundant outlet for gaming. Why buy hardware for half a grand when you can play without any hardware at all?
    PS Now is dire and outdated. It cannot replace hardware. Stadia and other services are country miles ahead… All they lack is acceptance.
    People like Jesse don't want to affirm or enable it because it means a massive shift away from contacts they've spent years building. They don't want the change or the possible downturn in income… They also don't want less hardware gifts… but it's an unavoidable change.
    Eventually Console manufacturers will be games outlets. Either directly to the streaming platforms of Google and Amazon… Or via white label methods under their own subscription services… But these services will still use the same Luna and Stadia services… Hardware is dying.
    It's very easy to make click bait videos and naysay and deny it NOW… But it's well and truly on its way.

  3. Never heard of Moby Games until just now, but hell that's a conflict of interests if I ever saw one (though I've seen many following the games industry oof). Like it may seem minor but if they are, as Jesse described it, the "IMBD of video games" then what happens if somehow, miraculously articles on a few games not owned by Atari start to disappear? Who will pipe up if a new game isn't entered into the history records because it's not Atari's? Recordkeeping is important, and only useful to anyone if it remains impartial.

  4. Microtransactions need to be stopped. Like, I get it in a freemium game, I hate it but I get it. But in a FULL PRICED game? HELL NO. Absolutely HELL. NO. Even paid DLC is on shakey ground in my opinion unless it adds SUBSTANTIAL content to the original game and the original game was fully complete without it. I'm sick of these money-scrubbing companies just trying to wring every penny out of their fandoms rather than just making good games and selling them.

  5. I love it when you call them out Jesse. (Squeenix, although they do make good games needs to do something to attract a ton without the greed). Why are they still selling 30 year old games for 20 dollars?), they have other things that make them more money, they should be using past creations to bring people into what they make for VERY low cost now or even a loss… ). I guess it must be working for them (but it does hurt when a beloved developer makes it difficult to love them.) F micro transactions… the only things I ever bought that way were 2 WoW pets. Never again.

  6. Didn't Nintendo literally make Mario a character you could pay to unlock in one of their recent mobile games? Also, I understand why they decided to delay Advanced Wars but I was really looking forward to that one. I personally don't think modern day politics should be applied to a twenty-year-old fictional story, but you know, it could possibly cause some unwanted friction. No one what's to risk being the inciting party even if there's a very high likelihood it will just be ignored. There's much bigger problems to focus on.

  7. As I learned from Did You Know Gaming, apparently Advance Wars has a history of unfortunate release dates due to "Real World Events". The original Advance Wars was released in NA on September 10, 2001 (Oof) and, as a result the EU version got pushed back due to the 9/11 attacks.

    It's rough.

  8. Those ads in Chocobo GP look exactly like the ones you get in free-to-play mobile games. I wonder, was this actually developed as a free-to-play title then they decided to charge $50 for it?

  9. I was so excited for Chocobo GP, really looking forward to exploring more Final Fantasy games after loving 14. As soon as I saw mtx and battlepass and fomo, I lost all hype and was extremely disappointed. Won't even be installing now, where before it would have been a guaranteed purchase of a standard price game.

  10. When you did the first? dead space a street stall opened for Asian food and I was hype on a spicy soup and now whenever I think of dead space I phantom taste that soup XD

  11. ah of course, square enix I shouldn't even be surprised at this point. that's kinda unfortunate 'cause i was really looking forward to the release of Chocobo racing GP D: Thanks for providing us daily videos for gaming news Jesse, it's one of things I really look forward to every day now xD

  12. So Chocobo GP is one of those vomit on teh screen games where a million things are there to try to get me to buy this or that to get this resources or that cash to buy a thing or timer or crap. No thanks.

  13. Oh, god damn it, I was actually hyped for chocobo racing.

    …Wait, was it supposed to be a mobile game? I never actually looked into it. Just went "Chocobo Mario Kart? Sweet!"

  14. I don't like the idea of Atari buying up anything, given their Loot box NFT scam. But this? A site that pertains to provide credit to game developers in an industry that is notorious for denying developers credit if they have to leave a project early, regardless of how much work they put in? That can't possibly end well for Moby Games.

  15. I paid $50 for Chocobo Racing GP before discovering the microtransactions and free to play version. I honestly have no idea what my $50 got me since everything is locked.

  16. I downloaded the lite version of the Chocobo racing game. I just wanted to try the game too see how it ran but I couldn't. You can do the tutorial, which is super hand holding and the online mode. But I just wanted to test the mechanics to see if it would be fun and I wasn't able too. It's basically a demo where you can't play the game

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