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  1. I noticed BitCoinMiner goes with an external setup and you are going with an internal setup. Would you mind making a video on the pro's/con's of your internal build vs his external build? Btw. I love your channel.

  2. I started with Chía today! Im starting with 2TB, pretty small plot I Know but I wanted to invest… But my question is, can I use my pc when its Farming?

    I know that when its Plotting its The moment when The PC uses more resources, but what about Farming? Does it consumes a lot of resources?

  3. Hi , I'm Gio' from Italy, what you think of asus z390-P, I3 9900, 16 gb Ram, 2Tb M.2 ssd, 40 Tb hhd sata WD, 28 Tb usb hdd? It's ok for plotting Chia? thank you

  4. I tried Chia on my desktop pc (I had an SSD and HD I wasn't even using installed.) It's super easy to get going, but there's no warnings about the fact your hardware's gonna die.

    As for uploading data to the network, I haven't even tried that yet! A good guide on the Use Case for this Chia would be awesome!

  5. Hi thank you very much for sharing thé info. I was wondering how the number that is verify on the plots is generated? Who generate that number ? Is it a chia random algorithm or there is a criteria to generate it? That very much

  6. I’d love a set it and forget it approach (like your build), but at the same time keeping plotting and farming on separate rigs. Do you know of any resource on that?

  7. Hello. Is it possibile to mine Chia on added external disc with your normaly used PC. There will be any bonus damage to PC components (like faster CPU or OS disc wear off)?

  8. hey, thanks for all the contents very interesting. Can you do a review of the wallets ? especially this one ? multisig wallets ? thanks

  9. Could you do a video for all the people who haven't won chia yet on verifying everything is working right? I know you don't do the windows gui but log files should be similar with faults and such i'd assume?

  10. Hi i wonder that what happens if power or network connection broke. Then activated is calculating start from zero or whereever stoped before, is there any loss? Thx

  11. I'm a GPU miner, I stopped buying more GPU's when the market exploded and people started scalping/taking all stock…. i wanna earn money but not while fucking my fellow gamers, I've been following your videos, Chia has me excited and been near the trigger pull on hardware for a while, can I ask, why do you target HDD enclosures? Do you plot and mine the drives as if or do you extract the drives and go from there? I like idea of having a bank of these enclosures but not if it's a bad way to go, thanks man, keep up the great vids, it takes personality as well as content to make a channel and you have both my friend xx

  12. Your are awsome and handsome!
    Maybe you are tired to answer to that … but I'm afraid to grab on SAS hard drive … will my computer syncs the network if my plots are stored on a NAS? I mean… latencies and all that… subsystem…. I mean if the plots are consider as (networked storage) instead of being phisycaly attached to running node computer…. Does it mather?
    I read a lot… and I 'm still not fixed on this … OMG 7 days left… Jesus!
    You was so prepared… There is literaly no one that master that thing yet…. exept you (at your scaleat least…. I guess.. ). The store, the archives in videos of your journey… It's almost like if you saw the future… Seriouly…
    Proof of space, proof of time… When you are a "proof of work guy", these things are hard to beleve. Even proof of work, for the muggles is are to get, even in a physical materialized proof of 8h to 5h "proof that I worked" society.
    The more a read the more I get that NFT is valuable. And in particular this one. That proof of space make me think of old hockey or baseball cards that everyone wants 25 years after bein printed. Would you forget that I sound illiterate… English not my first laguage, it is 3h34 am. I'm lokking at graphs and bars, process and code litteraly 18 hours per days since january. I don't know how to write english. I'm look mush wiser in french! hahahhahha

    Anyways… you are marvellous!
    Also if you could point me a place where a can find my answer about NAS… It would saved me time, money and health…Mostly health.
    See ya!

  13. Thanks for the video,

    I have two hard drives – 14 TB and one hard drive – 2 TB M.2.2280. Approximately, how many plots could I make?

    cpu Intel I7 6700

    ram mem 2x16gb 2400

    Thanks for your reply

  14. EVERYONE – PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE TO 1.1.1 version – you will start to get error messages as it's outdated & will soon have issues with the mainnet

  15. Hey guys, I synced on one machine but i installed soft on the second one, the same wallet cause i thought i wouldn't need to sync again but unfortunatelly this is not a case. So my question is: does every machine need its own syncing? Is there any measure to speed this up?

  16. Please, please, please I need a quick answer, I have read and read and read, and supposedly is no safe to connect more than 3 hdd in a sata, but how to feed 20 hdd, my psu has 3 satas and 1 perip, it is 750w, and the 1600w have 4 satas but is very very expensive, I see that they sell extensions of up to 5 sata power cables, so I do not see the logic why they sell those cables if we not should connect more than 3 hdd in a single sata, how can I power 20 ssd without having problems, if it is necessary to buy another psu I can do but I would like to know before. Thank you.

    In fact, I bought almost the same as you,
    * the same case, same motherboard,
    * Processor AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core 3.5 GHz,
    * Ram G.SKILL Trident Z Neo (For AMD Ryzen) Series 32GB,
    * SAMSUNG 980 PRO M.2 2280 250GB PCI-Express Gen 4.0 x4, NVMe (for windows 10),
    * Intel D7-P5510 3.84 TB Solid State Drive ( for temp plots )
    * 2 SupaHub SATA Card 8 Port, SATA Expansion Card for SATA III 6G,
    * 13 Seagate IronWolf Pro 16TB NAS Internal Hard Drive
    * DiLinKer M.2 to U.2(SFF-8639) PCIe NVMe SSD Cable- PCIe NVMe, * U.2 (SFF-8639) Drive to M.2 Host Adapter-U.2 SSD Converter ( very expensive 69 dollars)
    But I need help with how many HDD I can connect in a single PSU SATA.

  17. Can you help me out!! After upgrading to 1.1.1 version the problem is with syncing from past 7 hours it isn't syncing and farming is stopped. What do I do now please do reply ❤️

  18. What are the Bandwidth requirements for upload and download? I've watched a lot of your videos and searched the web, but I can't find the answer.

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