Zuckerberg defends Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency to lawmakers

Facebook CEO Mark Zucerberg defended his firm’s deliberate cryptocurrency, Libra, throughout a listening to yesterday on Capitol Hill. He mentioned he will not roll it out with out U.S. regulatory approval, however some lawmakers raised issues about its potential to be exploited for cash laundering and to fund terrorism. Sara Fischer, media reporter for Axios, joined CBSN to debate.

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  2. Cryptocurrency Is the future. Get on board.
    There's gunna be hiccups–lol can u name a few hiccups in past currency? Bottom line–a major powerhouse government would need to be the initiative… And China is going to do this.

  3. There is other cryptocurrencies that the United states gov. and other governments can see where the money going to, ex. (XLM)Stellar Lumens, XRP, Chainlink, Wirex Token, Dash.

  4. If Libra became big, facebook would have you all become it's true sheep…the goal would be done…They will finally be able to map human activity 100%….Meaning they can predict with high certainty how you will live….in all stages of your life…They need a way to track your spending habits…this can be very lucrative to businesses who want to sell them ads…

    First the system started with ADs…they will put bits and pieces of crumbs for you that will shape your spending habits…you may buy the next hour, you may buy it the next 2 yrs….it is always tracking you seeing why you did or did not buy it…shaping it's data on you…

    AI: Show him the sale for something he liked….

    Human: REJECTED

    AI: He rejected it….wait until black friday and lower the sale by 10%

    Human: REJECTED

    AI: He rejected…Wait until 7 days before christmas and lower the sale by 20%

    Human: Accepted…

    AI: Send data to train…he accepted the price at 20% lower at around christmas….

    Then, the government will be able to use this system for things like they do in that movie Minority Report. Instead of supernatural humans it will be with AI. All the AI has to do is read your comments that you place FREELY on the internet….please, the government can track your IP address. Your VPN doesn't mean crap either… it will KNOW your type styles…. Do you see how I put those "…" in my texts? The AI would know it's me by that…

    Finally you would say, "I WILL GO OFF THE INTERNET!!!" However now companies have AI watching you walk into supermarkets and recognizing your face…THEY ARE SAVING YOUR FACE AND TRACKING WHERE YOU GO IN THE STORE!! SO NOW THEY KNOW WHAT YOU LOOKING FOR!!!! AND GUESS WHAT?



    Now I forgot to say that all this will lead to a point in the future where all human decisions, what they will be from birth and how they will possibly die with high certainty… will be mapped in a computer….At that point, humans will ask "what does it mean to be alive?"

    They will start to decay….in the mind…. You are going to love the future…The sad thing is since they know what you will do with high certainty…The AI can have it feeding you out of its hand thinking you made the choice… when you did not…

  5. Facebook needs to be carefully regulated; they've abused the public. Simple and complicated as that. Reps. AOC and Katie Porter did a great job of holding his feet to the fire–so much better than lawmakers who didn't have a clue about the net, much less the platform.

  6. Imagine grabbing the ~2% fee collected by the major banks on all credit card / debit card transactions? Zuckerberg is going after that pile of gold, just as Larry Page and Serguei Brin grabbed advertising budgets. As usual, the big picture escapes Capitol Hill.

  7. What people forget is that Facebook page, uses facial recognition technology software: the libra account is linked to the actual account; weather there using a pseudo name or not. So if someone is doing something illegal, through the app :there will be a positive identification of the person/s.
    And what prevents them from using other cryptocurrency sites???

  8. Facebook is a un-American company. They were right there helping attack our democracy with Russia. They needed the funds bad from Russia. Remember facebook has already been caught lying about the ads people are clicking to companies. Some of those companies have lost business. GM was the first years ago to spot the lies of facebook.

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